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Shocker: SarahPAC Pays For Donor Incentives

The wires have gone wild with this latest scandal. SarahPAC spent $63,000 purchasing copies of “Going Rogue for “fundraising donor fulfillment.”

The NY Daily News Reports:

Sarah Palin has found a down-low way to stay atop the bestsellers’ chart: she’s quietly using her political action committee to buy up copies of her memoir.

Thousands of copies of “Going Rogue” were snatched up last year by Sarah PAC, the former GOP vice presidential nominee’s PAC, for distribution to her supporters, according to records reviewed by ABC News.

The Federal Election Commission filings show that Sarah PAC sent $63,000 to Palin’s publisher, Harper Collins, for “books for fundraising donor fulfillment.

How about that, and we thought that “Going Rogue” was a best seller by selling over 2.5 million copies. Now that SarahPAC purchased around 5000 copies I guess we should contact the NYTimes and demand it be removed off the best sellers list immediately.

If there is still anyone out there who doubts the media bias when it comes to Governor Palin, this story should put their doubt to rest.

ABC News, who broke this “shocking” story makes it clear – once readers who bother to read the entire piece click to go to page 2 – that it is common practice for politicians to purchase their own “memoires” via their PAC’s to send out as appreciations for donations. One of which include Senator Joe Lieberman:

“Palin would not be the first politician to use a PAC to underwrite the purchase of a memoir. The Federal Election Commission has heard a number of cases on the question of whether it is an appropriate expense. The rules are somewhat complex, but because Palin is neither a candidate for office, nor a sitting member of congress, her PAC is free to purchase the book under current law, according to Jan Baran, a campaign legal expert.

When former Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman sought in 2004 to give away copies of his memoir, “In Praise of Public Life,” he declined to take royalties off the books purchased by his campaign committee. It is not known whether Palin entered into a similar arrangement.”

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir notes:

Palin isn’t a candidate for office (yet), and since each book retails for $13.50 on Amazon, that amounts to less than 4700 books — hardly an effort to pull a Dianetics-like dodge and artificially keeping it on bestseller lists. Making the book an incentive for larger donations is not only a no-brainer, it’s just about SOP with plenty of other politicians as well … including those still holding office[.]

In the fall SarahPAC had a promotion where if you donated $100 to the RGA you received a signed copy of “Going Rogue”. I doubt anyone was under the illusion that HarperCollins just donated those books to SarahPAC. HarperCollins financed the book; they are the ones who paid all the costs, and they are in it for one thing: the money. If anyone wants to give away copies of a book as a donor fulfillment, by all means they can do it but you are expected to pay for the book whether you are the author or not. SarahPAC could have chosen to give away pens, mugs or any other book. They chose to go with the PAC founder’s memoir, which had to be paid in the same way they would have had to pay for any other promotional gift.

Oh and WOW, I am impressed, “Going Rogue” got close to 5000 people to donate $100 to the RGA? that’s a whopping $500,000 for a book that is available for $13.50. Not bad for a two week gig.

Looking for a fundraising tool anyone? Contact HarperCollins, copies of “Going Rogue” are still available.



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