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Plug the BP Oil Spill with President Obama

We have been presented with the opportunity to not only plug the worst oil spill in U.S. history, but also the opportunity to finally find a purpose for [President Obama].

That’s an edited version of a paragraph Time Magazine extracted from a new facebook group that suggests the Gulf oil leak ought to be plugged with none other than Governor Palin.

Usually I would ignore those “harebrained schemes” as Time appropriately brands it, but seeing that a prominent national magazine like Time actually decided to report on it, a thought crossed my mind.

Had a pro-Palin group created the same “harebrained scheme” suggesting we take the president, who unlike Governor Palin is actually responsible to make sure we plug the hole, drop him one mile down the ocean and plug the hole with him, all hell would have broken loose. The LSM, including Time, would have gone totally berserk claiming that we were inciting violence and hatred.

Of course, as civilised citizens, as much as we disagree with the President, we would never suggest anything that would even remotely cause the president personal harm. All we want is for the president to do the job he was elected to do. But of course when it comes to attacking Governor Palin nothing is off limits. I look forward to Time reporting on this headline.

Update: Karen Allen has more on this here

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