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Man Up Mr. President, Or Make The Call

Back in January 2007, Barack Obama was summoned to the white house where, upon his arrival, the secret service grabbed hold of him and dragged him into the oval office where then President Bush and Vice President Cheney awaited. They then physically forced him to run for president.

Listening to President Obama, one could be forgiven for believing the above scenario. After all, it was Barack Obama himself who, on November 8 2004, said that in order to run for president one must “know what he’s doing” and that he was uncomfortable doing it.

Ever since Obama won the election he has continuously been blaming Bush for everything that’s been going wrong. He continues to make the case that he needs time to fix all the problems President Bush “forced” him to inherit. Someone needs to tell the president that the American people are not known for their patience; they don’t like to wait. During the 2008 presidential campaign Obama criticized Bush for waiting a mere 3 days before heading down to New Orleans. He also criticized Bush for not barging out of a classroom on 9/11 where he was reading a book to 6 year olds when he got the news about the attacks.

In an interview with Politico, Obama pulled his now infamous stunt, coming up with hypothetical’s and a bunch of what ifs, arguing that had he done this that or the other he would have been criticised too. Well, welcome to the club Mr. President. Presidents can be forgiven for lacking a sense of urgency during more benign times, but when unexpeced disasters strike, the American people look to the president for solutions and wonder why certain steps hadn’t been done to prevent it.

Mr. President, you like hypothetical’s? Here’s one for you. What if President Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein had defied all UN resolutions and built up his stockpile of WMD’s. Then, on a clear sunny day, Iraq used them against the United States or any other nation for that matter. Would you have then defended President Bush for not going into Iraq? Of course not, presidents, fair or not, don’t get the benefit of hindsight.

The President is learning fast that presidents can’t do everything and sometimes, even when they actually do the things they are supposed to do, the American people don’t give them credit for it. Maybe it’s time he looked back at what President Bush actually DID during Katrina in contrast to what he is doing now.

Mr President, no one forced you to take the job. You begged for it and spent close to a billion dollars to get it. You knew when you ran for the presidency that the American people want results and want them NOW. Maybe, as you admitted back in 2004, you simply don’t know what you’re doing. But unfortunately for us, you have the job and we’re stuck with you for another two and one half years. So man up and do the job to which you were elected. If you can’t handle it, search outside your circle of Chicago thugs for help. I happen to know someone who is willing and able to assist you. In fact, she’s awaiting your call.


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