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After Last Night Obama Deserves an Oscar

Much has been said about Obama’s oratory skills and how he is the great communicator of the Democratic Party. After last night many, even in his own party, including the tingler-in-chief, have conceded that the president has lost his magic. I disagree: you can’t lose that which you never had.

During the 2008 presidential campaign Obama auditioned for the role of the presidency, he read the scripts perfectly and gave the American people the perfect trailer. Americans got to see this fantasy thriller where the character can turn back the waters and heal the planet. The people fell in love with the movie and its entire cast. They went back to see it over and over. The reviews were great; it was a box office hit.

Last night when the president addressed the nation from the Oval Office, the image of a real presidency kicked in. Turns out that it wasn’t a movie after all, it was real. And when reality kicked in and the president actually needed to turn back the waters and heal the planet, much to his fan’s surprise, he couldn’t do it. In the real world, fancy scripts don’t work and real leadership is required. Last night, the excitement of fantasy finally wore off, and America may well be waking up to the unpleasant reality that they need a real president, not one cast in a Hollywood script.

For his role as candidate for president in the 2008 “Road to the White House” fantasy thriller, I hereby nominate Barack H. Obama for the Best Actor Oscar.

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