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Meeting Governor Palin

As many of you know, I attended Friday’s event in Hershey, Pennsylvania and had the honor of meeting the Governor. I am currently in DC for a couple of days, so I’ll have a full report later in the week. In the meantime what follows is a short write-up of my actual meeting with the Governor.

While I was standing in line to greet the Governor, organizers of the event walked around greeting everyone, and one of them approached me, personally thanking me for coming. He was appreciative of the fact that I came all the way from London, so much so that during the opening remarks at the banquet it was noted that they have guests that came all the way from London. Unless there was someone else there from London too, I guessed that meant me. It was a nice gesture.

Well, my time had arrived I was about to approach the person I so much admire, potentially the next president of the United States.

I’m sure every one of you has at some point or another thought about what would be the first thing or things you would say to the Governor the first time you are fortunate enough to meet her. You probably even have quite a little plan mapped out in your head how this meeting is going to go down.

Over the past couple of months I had many of those moments where I thought to myself, or even discussed with friends, what the first thing I would say to her would be when (if) I ever meet her. Two weeks ago when this meeting started to turn into a reality, my imagination went into overdrive. By the time I actually met her, well let’s just say I could probably write a book titled: “Things not to say to Governor Palin when you meet her for the first time”.

My final thought as I was about to approach her was to keep it simple. I would go over, introduce myself and say “Governor it’s an honor to meet you at last, know that we have your back and we will defend you, whatever it takes, and if you ever need anything, you know where to find us”. My goal was to keep it short and sweet. There were still quite a few people behind me in line and things were about to get behind schedule. The clock was ticking and she needed to head into the banquet hall. It should have been simple…but it wasn’t…

(The actual exchange I had with her was not that significant in the sense of what we talked about, and certainly wasn’t anything either the Governor or I would mind being repeated. However, as with any personal conversation this was between me and the Governor and I believe that it should remain that way. If the Governor would really have wanted everyone to hear it she would have held a microphone.)

As I walked up to her she reached out her hand and said “How are you” I said “Hi I’m Sheya…”, what she said next completely caught me off guard. I had envisioned many things but not that. She was humble, gracious and appreciative in just a few words. It wasn’t just what she said but how she said it. I was honored!

I got so flustered that I have to admit I kind of got all choked up on my words. The fact that I knew there where many more people in line waiting to meet her didn’t help! I don’t recall exactly what I said to her after that, but I do remember that all those words I had always thought I would say to her the first time we met suddenly appeared at the forefront of my brain and, unfortunately, those words tumbled out of my mouth in no logical order. It would have been perfectly understandable for the Governor to have thought I had a speaking impediment, but if that was the case, she didn’t show it. She looked at me and took in every word and even responded to what I was saying. The whole experience was fascinating.

During her speech the governor noted how her life is exactly like ours. She has her ups and downs, challenges and celebrations, and good and bad moments. With Governor Palin those are not just words, she is real and she is like us and understands us. She realized that I was hyper emotional and she reacted in kind.

With that said, even if I did make a bit of a fool of myself, it was a great few moments. It may not have been my best first impression but, after reflection, I was actually glad it happened that way. Rather than it being a staged moment, it ended up being real. The Governor had to react to a real human moment and she proved to be what I always believed: humble, decent and kind. One thing is sure, the next time I meet her, it won’t be all planned out in my head in advance.

I walked away from that meeting with a strengthened resolve to work even harder for her and whatever the future holds for her. I know I’ll be there to help her, defend her and have her back.

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