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It’s Over, Governor Palin is Immune From The Left

Everyone who has a computer is jumping on the latest hit piece against Governor Palin. Thankfully even many on the left see it for what it is. But, writing for Newsweek, far-left radical Ravi Somaiya, without even realizing it, hit the nail on the head on why these hit pieces keep on appearing:

Indeed, it is hard to imagine a more conventional politician surviving the claims that Gross makes. He systematically undermines the very aspects of her life that her image is built on: family, God, empowering women, children, and affinity for everyday folks.

Spot on: That’s what it is. Ever since her selection as VP there has been a coordinated attempt by the left to take her down. They have tried just about anything and everything, nothing seems to stick, so now it’s about “systematically undermining the very aspects of her life” and as Ben Smith at Politico pointed out, when it comes to Governor Palin, anything goes.

Somaiya takes issue with the fact that, as much as the left may try, Governor Palin always survives those attacks, and unlike “conventional politicians”, it even makes her stronger. He uses the recent controversy of President Obama’s religion as an example:

But more baseless accusations have hampered politicians—just ask Barack Obama about his religion.

Somaiya couldn’t cite any other examples on the President, because there aren’t any. The media has been in the President’s pocket from the day he announced his candidacy and up until today they’re working over time to cover up for him. So when a story does slide through their protective shields, of course it will have a lasting impression on the American people.

Every single day there is another hit piece against Governor Palin. Attack stories against her are often prepared even before the story they are writing about even happens. At some point Governor Palin becomes immune from those attacks, when even far left journalists are defending her. She is way past that point.

Finally, Somaiya is also whining that we called him a “far-left radical” and “a total extremist”. Let’s examine the facts:

The guy wrote an article pretty much dedicated to why hit pieces against the Governor only make her stronger among her supporters. Inevitably Conservatives4Palin will make its way into such a piece. It’s not unreasonable to expect that the writer, about to make an accusation, would at least have the courtesy to do a quick check and verify his argument. Somaiya did no such thing and without hesitation when it comes to things related to Governor Palin, he made up a fact and posted it. Somaiya should be glad we were so gracious and just stuck to referring to him by his title.

But if he still wonders why attacks against the Governor don’t stick, this is exactly why.

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