Silencing Sarah Palin Will Screw America (UPDATED)

For two years now Governor Palin has been abused, trashed and attacked by the left and the media. Her character has been assassinated to the point that last week she was accused of mass murder.

Why and for what? What did Sarah Palin do? All she did is execute her right as a citizen and voice her opposition to what she believes her government is doing wrong. She didn’t hurt anyone, she didn’t ask anyone to shut up, she didn’t go after anyone personally. Even when she’s trashed, she never responds in kind.  All she does is have a harmless go at the Lamestram media in general. As a matter of fact, she often defends her detractors and will praise people who trashed her just hours before.

Last week when she was accused of murder, other than her supporters, conservative bloggers, and talk radio, no one came out to defend her. Where was Mitt Romney? Where was John Boehner? Where was Jan Brewer? Where was: Mike Huckabbe, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Pence, Jim Demint, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Eric Cantor, Newt Gingrich, …? Should I go on? Where was their leadership? Where was their defense for a women, a member of their own party who has been taking all the heat for being the only vocal proponent for the issues the party they all claim to be part of believe in.

Where were her Alaskan neighbours that she served for over 15 years? Where were they when she was attacked as Governor, when she was attacked as a citizen?  Where were they when she did a show to promote the state (which they are now fast in cashing in on) and was attacked for that too? Other than the handful of her loyal supporters who do try to defend her and get the message out (whose comments and letters on local blogs and to local media magically disappear), not a peep not a word.  Have they forgotten that when she was actually serving them she had an 80% approval? She must have done something right. Alaskans seem to take great joy in trashing her instead. For the many in Alaska who supposedly still support her, would sending a letter to an editor hurt you? It surly would have been nice.

Anyone other than Sarah Palin would retire from politics, pack it all up leave the country and depart with the following statement:

Hello from Canada.

Well, you got me beat. You went after me, you trashed me you destroyed me. Congratulations, you win! Before I leave the national stage I would like to give my fellow citizens some advice. Pack your bags and run. America as you know it is over. Never again will you have a chance to succeed in this messed up nation, and frankly it’s your own damn fault. You were too stupid to see that the Lamestream media were brainwashing you; you fell for the narratives hook, line, and sycophantic sinker. You were too lazy to read up and do even minimal research. So when some charismatic guy who was palling around with terrorists read a nice speech off a Teleprompter, you got all horny. Instead of just getting a room you gave him the entire White House. Now instead of having your fantasy and screwing him he’s sitting there and screwing you, but he’s the only one with the orgasms.

To the young kids out there, if you have political aspirations, don’t bother. Unless you’re a left wing lunatic you don’t stand chance. Your only hope is to become a news anchor. At least in that profession you’ll get to make things up and get the stupid American people to buy everything you sell them.

If you’re a little girl hoping that one day you may get the chance to be President, let me be blunt: you don’t stand a chance. If you merely dream about moving up the political ladder, they’ll take you down before you can even manage to put up the ladder. If you disagree with the direction of the country, just sit down and shut up because if you open your mouth they’ll come down hammering on you. By the time they’re done with you, you’ll be a dumb, racist murderer. And it wont stop there. You will have slept with half the country, none of your children will actually be yours, and every day you and your kids will be facing death threats. If you try to make some money, they’ll convince you that you’re a crook, a thief and a con artist. My advice: Stay at home, make babies, cook dinner and wash laundry.

To the corrupt Republican bastards: You’re useless. Your days are numbered. Barack Obama will win re-election in a landslide, the democrats will take back the house, and the GOP as we know it will cease to exist. You people have no Balls. You are all a bunch of chickens, you have no courage and have not even a tiny drop of leadership in your bones.

And to my former Alaskan neighbours: You are a total waste of space. You’re bunch of selfish, unappreciative pigs who are willing to settle for, no embrace corruption. You’re a menace to society and you belong back in Russia. Well, actually, at the rate this country is going America is the perfect place for you.

For two years I tried to knock some senses into you people, but you wouldn’t listen. You were either too stupid or just didn’t give a damn, either way now I don’t give a damn. I’ll now be going away to live my life in peace.  I have shit loads of money and can live a happy healthy and good life with my husband and kids, and yes I can use Canada’s health care system too; they already have my records on file. So screw you America.

Of course Sarah Palin would never do that, because Sarah Palin has more leadership, guts, grace and conviction than any other politician in the country including the president himself (who the media has given a complete pass). Sarah Palin cares too much for the future of America to let some bows and arrows break her and she will not allow some vicious personal attacks destroy a nation.

If the American people do not wake up to its current reality this is exactly where the nation will be heading, and very soon. The future of this great nation is at stake and only Sarah Palin can save it.


UPDATE: In response to numerous emails I received in relation to this post, I wish to clarify a few things:

1) The above hypothetical statement is NOT a hypothetical statement Governor Palin would have written, it’s a hypothetical statement any one else – e.g. I – would have written had they been in Governor Palin’s shoes and would have gone through what she has gone through over the past two years.

2) I’m not suggesting all Alaskans are pigs. I know Governor Palin has a lot of loyal supporters who fight for her in her home state.  Once again this would be what I would have felt had I have had 20+ ethic complaints thrown at me, had to resign from the job I loved the most and had felt that no one is defending me in my home state. I do apologize if I offended anybody.

3) The larger point of this post is that if the left and the media succeed in silencing Governor Palin, the scenarios presented in the above statement will be than hypothetical. It will be the message every young kid with dreams will take from it.

Below is an email I received that someone in Alaska sent out to the various media outlets in Alaska most of whom refused to publish it:

A letter to Sarah Palin
by Nina Renfrow Stone

Sarah, I have followed you since you were mayor of Wasilla. I’ve voted for you for governor and when you ran as vice-president with McCain.  I have watched and listened to the endless attacks on you and your family by the media, the left, the politicians, and even a lot of Republicans and some on the right.  I personally don’t know how you continue to endure the hate.  I don’t know that I could.

I truly admire and respect you, and I believe that is the general consensus of the majority of Americans.  The more the left attacks, the more powerful you become.  They are truly terrified of what you represent and that is TRUTH, HOPE, and LOVE. Please do not allow the opinions of those in the media (even those on Fox) to dishearten or discourage you because there are far more of US than there are of them.  Their opinions don’t matter because we know the TRUTH and that’s what matters.

Regardless of what you decide to do, you will have the prayers and the support of tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of Americans – and I suspect even within the countries of our true allies.

May God bless you in all that you do.

UPDATE II: Some great Alaskans have now set up a new website to defend and correct Governor Palin’s record. Bookmark now, it promises to be a great site. I for one look forward to learning a lot from those great patriots

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  • Penny

    Thanks for writing this Sheya. We’re all pissed.

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  • Melanie

    Sheya, It is ridiculous that you had to “update” this piece that you wrote in defense of Sarah Palin. You CLEARLY stated in the original that:

    “Anyone other than Sarah Palin would retire from politics, pack it all up leave the country and depart with the following statement”

    The operative words being “ANYONE OTHER THAN SARAH PALIN”- can people still read and comprehend simple English without getting their undies tied into knots?

    You also made it clear that you were talking about a large majority of those in Alaska who have not risen up in Sarah’s defense, and obviously, not all people in Alaska, For , as you clearly acknowledged, ther are some who do defend and support Sarah Palin. The simple fact that you were commenting so humorously on, is that the poll numbers for Sarah Palin are low and should be so much higher due to all Sarah pPalin has done, and continues to do, for the State.

    In fact one could guess that the tourism to Alaska has skyrocketed due to Sarah’s popular Show, and any other Tourism official would be fawning all over her in gratitude. Increased tourism means increased jobs and income to the State- all of which should be reflected in the poll numbers but, sadly, are not.

    Keep up the great work, Sheya!!

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