Frank Bailey’s New Book: “My Obsession With Sarah Palin”

Former Palin aid Frank Bailey is trying to find a publisher dishonest enough to pay him money for a manuscript that he wrote with the assistance of Jeanne Devon, the Democrat Party extremist who runs a blog called Mudflats. We have read the poorly written manuscript and it’s pretty clear that Bailey needed a better ghostwriter than the barely coherent Devon.

The fact that he published the book in general and personal emails in particular is a betrayal of trust and should question his credibility. When you work for someone, they trust you, the fact that you end up hating them does not give you the right to break that trust. Trust is an important thing once you break that trust nothing you say is believable.

We have read the manuscript here is our initial take:

The book opens with an email Palin sent him in April 2009, she wrote “I hated this job”. I wonder why? Let’s see, she was hammered with 20 frivolous ethic complaints, her own legislators, from both parties I might add, were doing everything to take her out, she was sitting behind a desk shackled and her administration was compromised. Add to that her every move being scrutinized, the daily attacks on her, her family and her supporters. Her intelligence, motherhood, credibility and her record  being questioned and distorted. Is anyone surprised that by April 2009 she hated the job? I know I would. At least she had the courage to resign eight weeks later and not drag her constituents down with her. Name another politician who after going through what she had would not hate that job? If only every politician that hated their jobs would just step down for the sake of their constituents.

Bailey goes on about her complaining about every little thing and how she constantly tried to find someone to blame. Newsflash: she’s a politician. That’s what they do. They’re all concerned about their image and their reputation. It’s not as if Obama doesn’t get ticked off with the stupid little things. The only politician that I know that truly didn’t care was GW Bush.

Bailey idolized her and put her on a pedestal and thought she was God or something. He thought she was flawless. He didn’t realize she was human and did what humans do. He felt let down when it became apparent she was human. Humans have bad days, occasionally let off some steam, have arguments with their spouses, and even get impatient with their children.

I also think Bailey had a crush on her and tried to walk on eggshells in order to never disappoint her. But he never got the same from her. For her, it was a professional relationship. For him, there was some fantasy and eventually lust turned to hate.

It also appears that Bailey couldn’t handle disagreement and if there was disagreement, he took it as if he was shut out from her circle.

As for when she allegedly hung up on Bristol, let’s assume that it did happen for the sake of argument. I have 4 kids and trust me, I’ve done that many times. I love my kids and in most cases, I’ll drop everything for them. But come on, sometimes you’re busy with something and your kid bugs you and you just want to hang up. The guy takes the challenges that we all encounter as humans and tries to turn her into a monster.

Nearly all of her supporters recognize she’s a human being that can make mistakes and has bad days. We support her because we believe in her principles, we believe in what she stands for, and we believe that she would put the nation on the right track. For Bailey, it was more than that. He got caught up in idolizing her and lusting for her. When he realized she’s just human and felt rejected, all his beliefs were shattered and everything human she’s ever done suddenly became evil acts.

A common theme in the book is how Bailey did pretty much everything. I did this, I did that. “I taught her how to type, I taught her how to copy and paste and I taught her how to send an email”. Bailey believes that without him the entire system would have collapsed. Bailey is convinced that he’s the brains behind Palin and it should be him making all the money and not her.

This book is more a story of his obsession than a story of anything she did wrong.

Ed Morrissey’s take

Maybe someone should work on the title.  “Blind Allegiance”?  His allegiance seems to have been pretty conditional on getting favorable positions in the Palin administration, and when he didn’t get them, the allegiance apparently turned into dislike rather easily.

Now Bailey wants to cash in on his proximity to a media magnet, which is hardly unusual; in fact, it’s rather surprising that we haven’t seen more of this with Palin.  The question is why Bailey can’t sell the manuscript.  With all of the intense interest and intense dislike for Palin among progressives, it’s hard to imagine how a publisher would take a pass on the project — unless it’s so bad that it’s unpublishable.


If an author with inside knowledge of Palin’s operations can’t sell a book critical of Palin in 18 months, then I’d guess that the book is the problem.

Grant O’Neill at Left Coast Ledger:

In the end, of course, he is just a bottom feeder like the others who sell out those who trusted them with their most closely guarded secrets, or who pedal thinly veiled lies for a price.

Frank Bailey will sell his manuscript this time, if for no other reason than the fact that nothing else has worked in the Left’s attempt to destroy Sarah Palin. He will have no integrity left but he will, like Scott McClellan before him, have momentary albeit fleeting success.

And then he will join the legions of others who have bitten the hands that fed them, and become an ugly footnote in the history of a great life.

R. Stacy McCain

OK, so you get hired to do a job and, when the job’s over, you try to hustle a buck by stabbing your former employer in the back.

Explain to me why anyone should ever trust you. Or better yet, explain to me why anyone should ever do anything except spit on the ground when your name is mentioned.

Stacy Drake – Big Government

After reading this manuscript, my only conclusion is that Frank Bailey is a horrible person. A good person, as Frank likes to sell himself as, doesn’t have the capacity to do what he did. Even if Governor Palin was twice the monster he and his leftist allies made her out to be, he still had no right to attempt to have this pile of garbage published. She provided him with a job, which allowed him to provide for his family. At any time, he could have walked away if he felt he worked for someone he could not morally support. Anyone who cannot see this man for what he is, is being willfully ignorant. They are turning a blind-eye to the obvious motives that drove him to betray his former boss.


We’ll keep updating this page as more reactions become available.

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