Obama’s Deer In The Headlights Moment

Yesterday, Obama appeared at a wind turbine plant in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania where he gave a speech about something that sounded like energy, green energy or something that gives you 8 miles to the gallon. After his speech he took some questions from employees at the plant.

Obama being used to soft ball questions did not see those questions coming. Those people are not in the tank (pun intended) for the president and asked the tough questions. And unlike the president they actually do know a thing or two about energy.

Obama obviously had no clue what the guy was talking about and couldn’t answer the question. So before he went in to his non-answer ramblings, he spent a few minutes ridiculing the guy for asking him the question. As if there is something wrong with someone being smart. “Is that how he talks all the time?” What kind of question is that? Maybe it was Obama thinking “how dare this guy be smarter than me”. And he doesn’t do it to only one questioner, he did it to anyone who dared ask him a tough question.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the reaction of our out of touch president to when someone mentions that they have ten kids is shocking. When another guy while asking a question about education mentions that he has seven kids, Obama totally losts it:

Can I just ask before I answer, though, is there some rule at Gamesa that you got to have a whole bunch of kids? I mean, you got 10 over here, you got seven over here. Golly.

What the heck was that lecture about? Is Obama against large families? I can only conclude that he is disappointed those babies warn’t aborted.

The White House Press Corps could learn a thing or two from those people about how to ask the president a question. Had they done their job properly, Obama would have been used to those kind of questions and could have avoided those deer in the headlights moments.

In any event here is the video.

Watch Obama’s body language, he’s like “What the hack, how am I supposed to answer this? I don’t even understand the question”

Reminds me of this:


Whitney Pitcher has a great write up at Conservatives4Palin about how president Obama is totally out of touch and his $8 per gallon gaffe. Read it here


In case you’re interested here is the video of the entire speech and Q&A. Transcript is available here

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