Obama Flip Flops, Biden Falls Asleep

Vice President Joe Biden nodded off during Obama’s speech today

The funny part is where he suddenly wakes up when Obama says “tough luck, you’re on your own”. It’s like he’s thinking. “OMG is he bailing out and dumping this mess on me now, no way”

Most likely he fell asleep because like the rest of us, including many liberals, he was simply confused. Kirsten Powers tweets:

Obama warned against demagoguing entitlement reform before he demagogued entitlement reform http://abcn.ws/eACEgF

The article Kirsten links too is by Jake Tapper on ABC News:

President Obama at the GOP House retreat, January 2010:

“We’re not going to be able to do anything about any of these entitlements if what we do is characterize whatever proposals are put out there as, ‘Well, you know, that’s — the other party’s being irresponsible. The other party is trying to hurt our senior citizens. That the other party is doing X, Y, Z.”

President Obama today:

“One vision has been championed by Republicans in the House of Representatives and embraced by several of their party’s presidential candidates…This is a vision that says up to 50 million Americans have to lose their health insurance in order for us to reduce the deficit.  And who are those 50 million Americans?  Many are someone’s grandparents who wouldn’t be able afford nursing home care without Medicaid.  Many are poor children.  Some are middle-class families who have children with autism or Down’s syndrome.  Some are kids with disabilities so severe that they require 24-hour care.  These are the Americans we’d be telling to fend for themselves.”

Maybe it would help if next time Biden would just have said this


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