Governor Palin To Attend Wisconsin Tax Day Rally – Saturday April 16

The Hill

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) will attend a Tea Party Tax Day rally in Wisconsin this Saturday, according to an adviser.

The potential presidential candidate is expected to be at the event sponsored by Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin, a Tea Party organizer.

Rebecca Mansour, an adviser to Palin, confirmed her appearance on Twitter Thursday: “Yes, @SarahPalinUSA will be at the rally in Madison, Wisconsin, on Saturday.”

Palin’s appearance represents a slight change of pace — her political travel in 2011 has been relatively light compared to other potential 2012 GOP contenders.


The 2008 vice presidential nominee did travel overseas to India and Israel last month, but she has not hit the ground hard in key early primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina in recent weeks.

But Wisconsin’s significance has increased ever since the the heated debate over GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial union law there, which served as a proxy argument over fiscal issues nationally.

Palin joins a litany of other potential candidates who are appearing at Tax Day events around the country.

Audio: Vicki McKenna: Sarah Palin will be at the April 16th Madison Tea Party Rally

Via The Founders Compass

Tax Day Tea Party Rally
When: April 16, 2011 at 12:00 PM
Where: Capitol Square, Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is ‘ground zero’ in the battle with the unions. We need your presence to send a clear message that we, the people, want our fiscal crisis managed – not extended! Please join us in celebration of our 2010 Victories and prepare for the battles ahead! Music, Speakers, Fun! Bring your signs!
Sarah Palin, Former Alaskan Governor, VP Candidate, pundit, author
John Fund – Wall Street Journal
The Beautiful Man –James T Harris(emcee)
Rock Star of Radio – Vicki McKenna
Tony Katz & Pajamas Media
Vocalist Chuck Day
American Thinker – Josiah Cantrell
…more to come!

*RSVP & Transportation Info :

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    Anonymous says:

    Intrade thinks only a 28% chance that she runs and Slate puts at 38. I think there is a 100% Sheya. She is not bleeding support she stepped out of the Political Spotlight for 2 Months. Trump is Going to Crash in the Bogus Polls when the People see him for what he is. Bachmann has saturated the media and will not take hold. Governor Palin is Running. My Father told me so and is the Gambler Type. Intrade is insane Huckabee is 40% to run in Intrade, which is rubbish, and Trump is 65% to run. Trump has already topped out and it is almost over for Sideside Donald. The polls will mess up with your head and are useless when I say a Solid 50% to Two Thirds doubt that she is running. Sheya, Romney, Paul, and Huckabee already ran they will never have more than they have now. Palin has not hit any ceiling because she never ran for President before and too many doubt that she is running so any poll on her is useless. I am done with the foul language and I don’t think anyone at C4P needs convincing about Bachmann or Beck. I am glad that folks are wise to them. Breitbart has always struck me as someone in it for the Money and not for the cause. Mark Levin is Simply the Best. His Whole Show Tonight was Shooting Down Trump. Anyone that heard Levin in the Last Week Could never support Trump. I had forgot he fundraised for Charlie Crist, somehow I don’t Rubio will. I would love to Boo Trump of the Stage and see Allen West knock Some Sense into Trump about the Iraq War.

    Anyways I apologize to you and the folks that read the site. Those that see it as Reflection of Governor Palin. Foul Language is reserved for the PsychoLibs like Rahm Emanuel and Bill Maher. We are better than them and I will be. I want to apologized to RightWingNut and Cookboy and DentonAK that ones most offended. I hope that the folks at C4P accept and I want to be on the site When She Announces that She is Running. Thanks Yours Truly TheTotalConservative.

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