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DeMint Introduces Amendment To The Constitution Applying Term Limits For Congress

South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint introduced an amendment to the Constitution that would apply term limits to members of Congress.

I always hoped this would happen, and it’s about time too. When he’s done with this, the next thing he should do is introduce an amendment to the constitution requiring presidential candidates to have at least five years experience in the private sector, five years experience in politics and must have served in the military. If the president is  chief executive, commander in chief of the military and chief negotiator he should at least have some clue of what he/she is doing.

The Daily Caller

Thursday South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint introduced an amendment to the Constitution that would apply term limits to members of Congress.

Ten Republican Senators joined DeMint in his call to limit U.S. Representatives to three terms and U.S. Senators to two terms in office.

“If we’re ever going to permanently change Washington, we must change the process that encourages career politicians to amass personal power instead of making the hard decisions for the nation,” said Senator DeMint. “We need true citizen legislators who spend their time defending the constitution, not currying favor with lobbyists. We need new leaders continually coming to Congress to ensure every taxpayer dollar is spent wisely, not wasted on Washington special interests. We must end the era of permanent politicians that has led us to a $14 trillion debt and a pending fiscal crisis”

Co-sponsors to S.J. Res. 11 included New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, Nevada Republican Sen. John Ensign, Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, and Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter.


Amendments to the Constitution require approval by a two-thirds majority vote in Congress and be ratified by at least 75 percent of the states.

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You can get senator Jim DeMint’s book : Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism here

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  • J

    A terms limits amendment in theory is a worthy endeavor. However, it is unclear how it could possibly get a two-thirds vote of both House and Senate in the 112th Congress. Those professional politicians are not going to vote themselves out of their jobs.

    If we are going to devote resources to a constitutional amendment in the 112th Congress, let’s put through an amendment to the amendment process itself which will eliminate the unnecessary convention now required by Article V and permit States to directly initiate amendment proposals. This will break the current de facto federal congressional and judicial monopoly on interpreting the Constitution, and permit grassroots patriots on the state level to pass a term limits amendment without having to go through Congress.

    In addition, other constitutional amendments restoring federalism could then be pursued on the state level without having to go to Washington for approval. Only this will permanently constrain future federal overreach of the sort rejected by the people in November. See

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