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Wedding Perfumes Fit For A Princess And A Prince

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Kim Weisswange counts the likes of Madonna, Pierce Brosnan, Vivienne Westwood and even Britain’s Prince Charles among her illustrious clients – but the Hamburg perfumer admits she was still completely shocked to be asked to create a fragrance as a present for the wedding of Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton.

“My heart nearly stopped beating when we got the call from the royal family,” the 47-year-old says with a smile.

Weisswange, who was born in South Africa before moving to Germany, has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has decided on a clear and powerful scent characteristic of English lavender for Prince William.

Kate’s perfume, on the other hand, will be warm and sensual, combining rose and magnolia essence for a more restrained fragrance.

“The scents should underline the pair’s character and personality,” says Weisswange.

The perfumer came to the British royal family’s attention when Prince Charles noticed the scent she created for the wedding of another member of the nobility.

An order was subsequently received from a member of the British royal family for three fragrances on the occasion of the Queen’s 80th birthday in 2006.

The family member, who Weisswange refuses to name, has now commissioned fragrances for William and Kate’s wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Wedding scents are a speciality of Weisswange, who has also created perfumes for Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci.

It’s important that the fragrances not only fit each person individually but that they are in harmony with each other, she explains.

Every detail of the upcoming wedding is being kept a closely guarded secret but as the perfumes are presents from a family member, Weisswange is allowed to discuss her creations.

Buckingham Palace, meanwhile, refused to confirm whether the perfumes would be used on the day, adding that it was unlikely as there is no official commission for royal wedding perfumes.


The scents are appropriately named William and Catherine and come in respectively sleek black and white atomisers.

Prince William’s scent is a combination of Norfolk lavender and agarwood, with the top-note affected by bergamot.

“It is dynamic and clear, a sporty and direct fragrance,” says Weisswange.

Kate’s is a softer rose and magnolia perfume with the rose essence used in memory of Princess Diana.

Not surprisingly, Weisswange refuses to reveal how much the royal family member is paying for the two fragrances.

“But I have to admit that in this instance it’s more about the honour than the money,” she says.


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