What’s Next For The Donald, Mitt’s Birth Certificate?

I have to say when I first read this story I found it quite amusing. The more I thought about it, I concluded that America is simply going nuts. We have the highest deficit crises in history, the Government is going broke and the system is collapsing and people are just losing their minds and this is what we’re talking about; The origin of a name.

America has become obsessed with birth certificates. To solve the problem once and for all congress should introduce legislation that requires politicians to walk around with their birth certificates stuck on their foreheads. Sure they’ll look silly but at least the people we won’t go crazy.

The Political Name Game Via The Daily Caller

If Donald Trump is so interested in birth certificates, he should ask Republican rival Mitt Romney to produce his.

That could finally solve the mild Mitt-stery surrounding Romney’s given name.

His first name is “Willard,’’ after the hotel magnate J. Willard Marriott, his father’s best friend.

His middle name comes from his father’s cousin, who played quarterback for the Chicago Bears from 1925 to 1929. That cousin’s name was “Milton’’ and his nickname was “Mitt’’ — a totally understandable preference for a football player or a presidential candidate. But what does the birth certificate belonging to the presidential candidate actually state?

Four years ago, I asked Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom to settle the matter.

“It’s Willard Mitt Romney on the birth certificate,’’ he replied, via e-mail.

Could I see it? I asked. “Sure. He was born in Detroit. City Hall should have it,’’ he e-mailed back.

Birth records are restricted in Michigan and only a person or parent named on the record, or a legal guardian or representative can request a copy. “That shouldn’t be a problem for an old reporter like you,’’ Fehrnstrom responded. It was.


Are queries about the name on Romney’s birth certificate a trivial pursuit? Or, is the answer a telling test of truthfulness? Ask those who see Obama’s birth certificate as a way to challenge his personal honesty and the legitimacy of his presidency.


The good news for Obama: if Romney gets past Trump and the “birthers,’’ the anti-Mormon bigots and the Romneycare-bashers, he is unlikely to turn birth records into a major campaign issue.



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