Royal Wedding Who’s Who: A Guide to William and Kate’s Friends and Family

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LA Times

The seconds are ticking away to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29. And as with any wedding, it can be really difficult remembering who’s who among the couple’s friends and family, and who’s who in the bridal party.

And when it comes to the British royal family, there’s the bonus issue of who’s next in line for the throne.

Perhaps Americans just don’t have a strong grasp on what this whole royal lineage thing entails, what with our American Revolution hullabaloo and our Brangelina. However, it is helpful to know that William is second in line for the throne after Prince Charles, beating out his aunt Princess Anne and uncles Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. There’s also a chance that Kate, who according to royals expert Laura Trevelyan will go by “Her Royal Highness Catherine” after the wedding, could be called “Princess William.” And if William were to get a new territorial title — think dukedom, earldom — then “duchess” or “countess” would come into play.

View the photo gallery below, which is a good helper come April 29. Or click on the chart to see the House of Windsor’s family tree.

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