Photo Gallery: The Hype, The Media Circus And All The Glory Surrounding The Royal Wedding

With all the hype surrounding the Royal Wedding, which I admit I’m quite enjoying. I decided today to go check out the scenes myself. So this morning I packed my camera bag and headed out.

Slowly walking through all the tents neatly lined up on the side walk I finally reached the Palace.  What a media circus. Although I have seen it on television and in pictures but in real life it really is unbelievable. A massive structure has been set up to house the media alone, and if there ever was a reporter you wanted to meet you probably could have met them there. They  are everywhere. Wherever they could set up shop they did. On porches, balconies, roof tops and sometimes just in the middle of nowhere.

I won’t elaborate too much, for starters I’m too tired and would like to get the photos up before the wedding is over. I’ll just let the photos tell the story. I’ll just say this: From Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square to Westminster Abbey, every where you go there is excitement in the air. The streets are decorated with patriotism and the people are genuinely happy. I met people from pretty much every state of the United States who flew in specially for this wedding.

I tried my best to get the best shots I could. It wasn’t easy though, wherever you went you were squashed between people and the police tried to get pedestrians moving. Click on the small italic “i” at the top right of the album background for image description. I hope you like them.



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Click on “i” top right for image description


Feel free to save the pictures and post them on your blog, all I ask you credit this site and link to this page. I’ll even email you a couple of photos if you ask nicely. Email me via the contact page.

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