Huckabee: I Haven’t Made A Decision Yet. When I Do, I’ll make It On Foxnews

Mike Huckabee addressed the “will he, won’t he” run issue tonight on his show. He says: “The whole process starts ridiculously early, is obscenely expensive  and is disastrously focused way to much on the circus side show of personal issues that don’t matter”

He also addressed the source of the rumors:  “When someone claims they are an insider they probably aren’t, if they claim to be a high level source, that means that aren’t very high. Because if they were really high, they wouldn’t be blabbing stuff. High level trusted advisers and insiders, they don’t do that. It’s the wannabe high level and the wannabe insiders who do that. People high on the food chain, they got there by being trustworthy not by breaking confidences”.

Hard to argue with any of that.

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