Why President Bush Deserves As Much Credit As President Obama For The Killing Of Bin Laden

In January 2009 Andrew Roberts wrote an article for the London Daily Telegraph noting that history will prove that President George W. Bush was right. He writes:

The decisions taken by Mr Bush in the immediate aftermath of that ghastly moment will be pored over by historians for the rest of our lifetimes. One thing they will doubtless conclude is that the measures he took to lock down America’s borders, scrutinise travellers to and from the United States, eavesdrop upon terrorist suspects, work closely with international intelligence agencies and take the war to the enemy has foiled dozens, perhaps scores of would-be murderous attacks on America. There are Americans alive today who would not be if it had not been for the passing of the Patriot Act. There are 3,000 people who would have died in the August 2005 airline conspiracy if it had not been for the superb inter-agency co-operation demanded by Bush
after 9/11.


When Abu Ghraib is mentioned, history will remind us that it was the Bush Administration that imprisoned those responsible for the horrors. When water-boarding is brought up, we will see that it was only used on three suspects, one of whom was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, al-Qaeda’s chief of operational planning, who divulged vast amounts of information that saved hundreds of innocent lives. When extraordinary renditions are queried, historians will ask how else the world’s most dangerous terrorists should have been transported. On scheduled flights?

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As it turns out Mr. Roberts was right. Had it not been for the policies President Bush implemented, Bin Laden would most likely have been still walking the planet today and America would have suffered many more attacks.

Yet with all that, some on the left can not bring themselves to give President George W. Bush his duly earned credit for implementing those policies that helped capture and kill Osama Bin Laden.  To simplify things, Human Events have compiled a list of reasons why President Bush deserves just as much, if not more, credit than President Obama

After campaigning vigorously against President Bush’s terror policies, Barack Obama continued a good many of them after assuming the presidency.  To those policies, along with the Navy SEALS who entered the Abbottabad compound, go the credit for the long-awaited, bullet-to-the-head takedown of Osama bin Laden.  Here are the Top 10 Bush Terror Policies Continued by Obama.

1.  Special Forces funded: Since 9/11, funding for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has tripled, even as its overseas deployments quadrupled.  This Pentagon unit oversees all the military services’ elite Special Forces units, including the Navy SEAL Team Six that was dispatched to Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani hideaway.  Under Obama, the command continues to be well-funded even during times of economic problems and budget cutbacks.  The Pentagon is seeking a 7% budget increase for SOCOM in fiscal 2012, and the command is fielding the first of its 72 new MH-60M helicopters, while upgrading other aging hardware.

2.  Military tribunals: President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were determined to end military tribunals and try terrorist detainees in criminal courts.  Only when Congress rebelled and New Yorkers denounced the since-revoked decision to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Lower Manhattan, did the administration back down and accept the obvious—that deadly terrorists couldn’t be allowed the full set of rights afforded in U.S. federal court.  Do we really want a committed jihadist to be set free because a Navy SEAL didn’t read him his Miranda rights when pulling him out of a cave in Tora Bora?

3.  Iraq not abandoned: Obama won the presidency with the help of the anti-war Left by promising a quick end to the Iraq War.  He has stayed the course long enough for the country to stabilize following the Bush surge, which Obama opposed.  Now, with the Middle East pushing out longtime rulers, the new leaders can choose from two models: a democratic Iraq or a demonic Iran .

4.  Gitmo still open: Obama’s first act as President was signing an executive order to close the facility holding terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay within a year.  More than two years later, he has finally concluded that there is nowhere else to house such murderous jihadists.

5.  Renditions continued: Obama has continued a version of the Bush practice of renditions.  No wonder.  It was in a secret prison in Eastern Europe where a waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed gave intelligence to the CIA helping to identify Osama bin Laden’s couriers, one of whom led U.S. Special Forces to his doorstep.

6.  Afghanistan surge: More here

7.  Indefinite detention: More here

8.  Surveillance maintained: More here

9.  Record number of drones: More here

10.  Killing terrorists: More here

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