Fox Ups The Ante Against Governor Palin

Earlier today in a post titled: With Friends Like Fox News Palin Is Better Off With Her Enemies, I wrote about how Fox News is out to take down Governor Palin. I wrote (Emphesis added):

Fox wants Palin out but they don’t want to suspend her contract because by doing so they’ll be conceding that she’s a serious contender. Fox won’t do anything that would lend her credibility. They just want her to resign. The tactic now is to makePalin’s life as difficult and as miserable as possible until Palin just gets frustrated and leaves on her own citing irreconcilable differences. Things are going to get worse. Fox is about to up the ante and it’s going to get ugly.

It didn’t take long. After meeting with Governor Palin yesterday Fox decided to up the ante today. Talking to Carl Cameron on his show today, Shepard Smith announced that fox will now be referring to Governor Palin as “Contributor Palin”.

Our cheif political correspondent, Carl Cameron live tonight, Seacoast New Hampshire. Carl, you are at a what a Clambake with Governor Palin, I should say Contributor Palin

Later at the 1:08 mark, Shep officially runs with the new title:

Surprised at all Carl, you have been doing this for decades, surprised at all that “Contributor Palin” would take this shot at the same day that the former Massachusetts Governor announced his candidacy.

So Governor Palin is Contributor Palin now, while Romney is the Former Governor of Massachusetts. Nice.

If you had any doubts of what Fox is up to this should put all those doubts to rest. Fox is out to sabotage Governor Palin. It’s time Palin got out of there, fast.

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  • abigail florence

    she really can’t afford to “quit” though. Hopefully, her contract has an end date.

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  • David Zimmerman

     Shep is a gay democrat and he looks like he has aids. Notice how bad he looks lately?

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  • John Norton

    Just Curious Sheya …? U Still of the contention along with your buddy Mods at P4A and C4P that Sarah is nothing else but a “Cheerleader” …?Bannon and Bruce and Whitney Pitcher too…! since Her anouncement on the 5th of Oct.all of u’s have gone on the record and pushing it down everyones throats this false meme. Shes not in it this time around in 2012…
    Something about having your cake and eat it too… !

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