Memo To Bernie Goldberg: When You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About, Don’t Talk

If we’ve learned anything about the media and establishment vs. Governor Palin it is those two things.

A) That they’ll go after her for anything and everything and when they are proven wrong no one will have the courtesy to retract or apologize, as Michelle Malkin pointed out yesterday and we’ve addressed here.

B) That when it comes to Governor Palin, even smart people who are usually educated and articulate in any other area, have no problem going on national television attacking her, even though they know nothing about her or the circumstances of which they are talking about. One example would be Charles Krauthammer. As has been extensively addressed herehere and here.

Case in point.

Last night Bernie Goldberg was on O’Reilly discussing the media’s reaction to the latest fake controversy they manufactured and ended up making total fools of themselves. The one where the Governor achieved what she set out to do, got the entire nation to talk about the history of America, the story of Paul Revere.

O’Reilly asked Goldberg what he thinks of this entire ordeal. Goldberg while arguing, rightly, that the media go after the Governor because it’s sort of a sport and it’s fun to bash her. Bernie did just that:

O’Reilly: What do you think?

Goldberg: Brian Williams who you just played there, Bryan Williams said that he didn’t cover the Anthony Weiner story because he had more compelling stories to cover. This was one of the more compelling things he had to cover. Now Sarah Palin mangled the Paul Revere story, I don’t care if she said she didn’t, she did. But why did NBC and the others make a big deal out of it? Because it’s fun for them to bash Sarah Palin, because..

O’Reilly: Of course, it’s a sport.

Goldberg: …It’s sport, exactly, it’s sport

O’Reilly: There is no doubt about it.

O’Reilly: Now I’m going to stick up for the Governor because I know something about Paul Revere, I actually have his signature. He DID tell the British, you better knock it off, you better not try to seize the guns, because if you do there is going to be a big problem which off course ensued. So we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt as we try to do with everybody, Bernie.

Goldberg: Okay, I wasn’t aware of that, thank you.

So Bernie Goldberg, whose business it is calling out the media for not fact checking things they talk about. Goes on national television to talk about a topic he has not bothered to fact check himself and knows nothing about. He attacks the media for bashing Palin and bashes Palin in the process.

Furthermore, he begins by saying that he doesn’t care if the Governor says she didn’t mangle it, even though he later concedes he doesn’t know the basic facts of the story.

Bernie let slip what we have been pointing out for a while. The media, the establishment and all those smarty pants pundits don’t listen to Governor Palin and don’t care what she says. As long as they can go with the Palin is stupid line that’s fine with them. Because had Bernie listened to what she said, he would have heard that soon after she said she didn’t mess up she repeated the story, you know the one he knew nothing about.

While I applaud Bill for sticking up for the Governor, I wonder what was the “benefit of the doubt” he gave her? He says he knows the story and goes on saying pretty much what the Governor said, so what’s the “doubt”? There is NO doubt, she got it right plain and simple.

Bernie, it appears that just like the rest of the media you got caught in The Paul Revere Trap. I’ll give you some points for admitting you weren’t aware of the story, must have taken a lot of courage to admit that. As a gesture of good will let me help you out a little  by giving you some resources where you can brush up on American history.

Experts back Sarah Palin’s historical account.

You know how Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British? Well, he did. Now, who looks stupid?

Letter from Paul Revere to Jeremy Belknap, circa 1798

How Accurate Were Palin’s Paul Revere Comments?

Governor Palin Gives the Media a History Lesson on Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

She gets it right, you betcha

Governor Palin said this the purpose of the tour was do remind and educate America of its beautiful history.  Evidently she did just that.


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One Response to “Memo To Bernie Goldberg: When You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About, Don’t Talk”

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    Yes, I have noticed Bernie Goldberg becoming more and more an establishment hack- I guess it happens to everyone who becomes a regular on O’Reilly. So ironic since Goldberg rails against those who are victims of media manipulation- and then he becomes a victim himself. He of all people should have known to reject criticism of Palin on the manufactured for liberal media Revere story. 

    Everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth on the economy and Obamacare are lies. The lies flow daily on the Liberal media, yet O’Reilly and Bernie have other fish to fry.

    I do give kudos though to O’Reilly for correcting Bernie here, though. Gotta give credit where it is due, however fleeting it may be.

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