Supporting Governor Palin, No Matter What

A couple of days ago during a conversation on Twitter, I suggested that Governor Palin may not run for president. That ignited a chain reaction. People sent me messages and emails calling me a traitor, a backstabber and accusing me of going “Frank Bailey”. I was asked why it was necessary for me to air my impatience for the whole world to see and what right I had to raise doubts in public.

For starters, Governor Palin herself would say I have the right to voice my concerns publicly. She’s the one who said that no one has the right to tell me to sit down and shut up. Last time I checked, the right to free speech still existed. But that is a debate for another time.

Governor Palin has been saying that she has not yet made a decision; she says she is still 50/50 and that it can go either way. I take her at her word. When Governor Palin says she’s undecided, it means just that. It means she can decide to enter the race, or she could stay out. It’s not me saying it, it’s Governor Palin herself.

Saying that I am no longer a supporter of Governor Palin just because I suggest she might not be running doesn’t question my loyalty, it questions the loyalty of those who go after me for suggesting it. It says that those people support her conditionally. It says that if she runs she has your support; if she doesn’t run, she does not. I don’t have a litmus test for my support for Governor Palin based on whether or not she runs.

We tend to look at everything Governor Palin says or does as a sign that she’s running. When she announced the bus tour, it was “Game On”, when the documentary was announced it was “she’s definitely in.” If she heads to Iowa to the premiere of a movie about her, it was “well, now she’s absolutely, definitely, running”. When she told Fox news that running for president is an “earth shattering” decision, some went so far as to translate those words as Governor Palin sending a message that her campaign will be “earth shattering.”

Well, all that is really cute, but when we translate everything she does to mean what we want it to mean, we’re doing exactly what the media does. They too take everything she does and says and translate it to what they want it to be. Just because we translate it to mean something positive doesn’t justify doing it. I take her actions and words at face value.

And if we’re looking for signals, how about these for signals:

When Politico published a story about how Governor Palin would be meeting with donors in Iowa, Governor Palin was fast to debunk  it. She went as far as posting an entire column on her PAC page about it.

When Bristol said that a decision has already been made, Governor Palin was fast to backtrack it.

During her bus tour, the Governor repeated over and over that this tour does NOT signal she’s running.

As recently as two weeks ago Governor Palin told Judge Napolitano that she doesn’t need a title to effect change (something she repeated during her remarks at the premier in Iowa). She added that she may endorse a candidate that hasn’t even entered the race yet.

Governor Palin seems to be going out of her way to make it clear that she might not be running. Maybe, just maybe, that’s the signal she’s trying to send. Have we ever thought that maybe Governor Palin is trying to prepare her supporters for the possibility that she might not run?

Accepting the possibility that Governor Palin might not run now will make it much easier to accept if in fact she does not run.  If we go around convinced that she’s definitely running, and label anyone who only remotely suggests that she might not as a traitor and an ex-supporter, the blow will be much tougher to handle if she sits it out. Your world will collapse. I have accepted the fact that she might not run, and I will still support her if that’s what she chooses to do.

Just because someone says Governor Palin isn’t running, doesn’t mean they don’t support her or won’t be behind her 100% if she decides to run. You can still support her and have an opinion that she isn’t running. Governor Palin may have a grand plan and I hope she does, but she has asked us to trust her. So when she tells me that she is still undecided, I trust what she says, that it could still go either way.

I’m not saying that I think Governor Palin isn’t running, she is very likely to announce a candidacy soon. For all intents and purposes, until she says otherwise I’m proceeding with the assumption that she is running. I’m only saying that if you trust Governor Palin and take her at her word, you should prepare yourself for the possibility that she might not. It’ll be much easier to adjust to that decision if that’s what happens.

America needs true and honest leadership, and for that it needs someone like Governor Palin to be elected President. I wait and hope that she will ultimately decide to run, and I’ll be the first one to jump in and do whatever I can to make sure she is elected.

But if she chooses to stay out this time, whatever the reason might be, she will still need people standing by to support her with supporting the candidates she endorses and/or any other path she chooses to embark on.

And if Governor Palin does not run for president, while I will have to look to see which other candidate is an acceptable alternative that I can get behind, I will still support Governor Palin in her other endeavours. The question is, will you?

Of course Governor Palin could announce her candidacy any day now which will render this post totally moot and make me look like an idiot. I guess that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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  • Firelight

    Sheya, I think you are a real patriot!  

    With all the people claiming that she will be done and they will de-friend her if she doesn’t run, it is nice to see someone with a sober take on the situation and yet steadfast loyalty.

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  • Faith a little goes a long way.One of my favorite films is Gary Coopers High Noon and with the Govs. FB posting today id say the gig is up for them that are ” Rakers and Reavers”.I say its about time to Jump in boots first…

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  • Anonymous

    Have faith Sheya. Governor Palin is Running.

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  • Anonymous


    do you think there is another Chief Executive who is either running now, or who is likely to run who has the credentials and proven record to actually DO the job of reforming govt, that MUST happen if America is to survive? (recognisably as ‘America’ I mean)

    I would like to know who that person might be …..

    IMV there is NOBODY else, and Gov Palin knows this.

    She is watching the debacle over the debt ceiling ……

    She knows she must run  – none of us want to consider the consequences of Obama continuing, or Romney becoming POTUS

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  • Anonymous

    Run or not, she’ll have her reasons either way. See ya in DC 1/13.

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  • Sarah Palin has proven time and time again that she loves her country. She has encouraged us to be active, with or without a title. Of course the same applies to her. We must respect that. Even if she decides not to run, that does not reduce her love for her country. At the same time, I hope and pray that she will run. Maybe that is selfish on my part, but I am convinced that she is the only one that is right for this time in our country. None of the announced candidates will do. And as far as the ones I’m aware of that have not announced (Christie, Perry, Trump), these do not stand up to Sarah Palin. She is simply the BEST for this time in our country. I don’t think any of the others will stand up to Speaker Boehner and say “I want responsible legislation on budget, debt, etc on my desk. I will veto anything less than responsible legislation leaving you with a mess to clean up. Don’t make a mess.” These “deal making” spineless folks have to have someone in the White House with a spine. They don’t have the spine to stand on their own. Sarah Palin does.
    God Bless the Palin family and God Bless America

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  • Sheya

    I agree with everything you said. But this post is not about who would be the best candidate or whether she will run or not. This post is about people going after supporters who suggest that she might not be running. Something Governor Palin keeps doing herself.

    My point is that all too often people will go on the attack against staunch Palin supporters, who have put their money where their mouth is and still do, simply for saying that she might not run. This post is also intended to soften the blow in case she doesn’t. 

    I agree that Governor Palin at this point doesn’t really have a choice and HAS to run, but it is STILL her choice she can decide either way. 

    If you read the Palin blogs you’ll notice that whenever someone suggest Palin should do this or Palin should do that they are attacked with “She doesn’t need your advice” but the same people who attack someone for doing that will say “she has to run” or” she will run” etc… isn’t that also telling her what to do?

    I want her to run and I hope she does but I trust her to make the decision based on what is right for her and her family and whatever she ultimately decides I’ll support her.

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  • This post is WRONG! So Wrong!

    You want us to be a piece of wood, an unanimated thing with no soul. Do you really think Sarah Palin is able to just say “I’m not running” after all these 2 years and a half of fervent hope that she will? If Sarah was not running she could have said so long ago, just like other potential candidates did e.g. Trump and Huckabee.
    At this point, if Sarah does not runs, the Left would be dancing on the streets claiming victory over her and conservatives. It is TOO late for Sarah to just come one day and tell her millions and millions of supporters and conservatives she is not running. That would be the meanest thing a politician could do.
    Sarah has made millions during these 2 years, do you really think she would just go away and enjoy the rich and good life and maybe becoming a cheerleader for  someone like Romney , Pwlenty, Cain or Bachmann?? Not a freaking chance!
    For a Sarah Palin supporter, at this point, it should be Palin or nothing, understand?? Comprende?
    Sarah Palin has reached the point of no return. For her party,her supporters and her nation she WILL RUN.

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  • Sheya, Sheya,

    Sarah Palin has reached the POINT OF NO RETURN. Do you understand that? She has to run, period! It is Palin or NOTHING!. No abortionist pro gay marriage Romney, No unisnpiring ZERO chances Pawlenty, no inexperienced, unqualified Bachmann. No secessionist, clueless Perry.

    “I want her to run and I hope she does but I trust her to make the decision based on what is right for her and her family and whatever she ultimately decides I’ll support her. ”  What crap is this?? If she was not running she should not sent no freaking signals while getting RICH misleading the nation and her supporters. Do you really think Palin is that mean??

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  • Anonymous

    Keep the faith Sheya, it gets me through every day! She’s planned her work and is working her plan. We have to have faith!

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  • I confess that writing such a blog knowing how rabid some of her supporters took balls. I’m sure you were aware of the backlash when writing it.  Whether Palin runs or not is not going to effect my support for her.  But you can’t blame those who choose not to if she says she’s not running.  These people believe in her and after 2 1/2 years of speculation and supporting her to do it, it will be a massive let down.  Especially those like that guy Singleton in Iowa who actually has skin in the game and has been doing leg work for her. I think she knows this.  I also believe that she cannot wait until 2016, just my opinion. This is her time.  If she waits til 16 she may lose support to other possible candidates. The field will be much more competitive if Obama should win 4 more years. I am uncertain that she will challenge a Republican incumbent if that person wins in 12.  Leading up to 2016, if you think the punditry was unkind to her now, just wait and see what they’ll say about her then.   You mentioned the bus tour and the Undefeated.  I would be shocked if she said no from those two factors alone.  Recall it was Rebecca Mansour who approached Steve Bannon to create quick you tube campaign style videos.  Why?  After seeing the film, I’m glad he said no and chose to do it his way.  It’s her time. I think she knows it.  And after reading her books and a couple that were written about her, it’s pretty clear that this time is a lot like other times in her political career.  She’s always been able to stir the pot, buck the tide, upset a lot of people who had it coming, and win.  Either she is or she isn’t, there needs to be a decision made within the next month.  I believe that she’s straight up enough to give those out there supporting her a yes or no decision. -Mr.L

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  • Sheya

    I agree with you and Junior Gomez above and everybody that argues that she is at a point of no return.  I’ve argued that for weeks and have even taken some heat for saying that she must run now or she’ll lose support. 

    The larger point of this post is that while we all want her to run and while we hope she does and while we all think she’s at a point of no return. Suggesting that maybe just maybe she won’t doesn’t mean you no longer support her. 

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  • Anonymous


    With all due respect, a post like this does nothing to help the cause. In fact, you threw a bucket of cold water on O4P, V4P, Team Sarah, and all of the other people who are preparing for a run.

    I’ve been following your tweets as well. What would her supporters say if Tammy Bruce tweeted similar thoughts?

    I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve done, but I suggest you take some time off and clear your head.

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  • Sheya

    How exactly did I threw a bucket of cold water? by repeating what Governor Palin keeps saying? Don’t blame me, blame her for saying it. (OK, beat me up now)

    I’m not sure either what you mean by me having to clear my head, are you suggesting I don’t take her at her own word? Are you saying that I convince myself that she’s definitely running even though she says she might not, and then have all my hopes shattered if she doesn’t?

    Look, I made this clear in the post and I’ll say it again. I’m not saying that she isn’t running, I still think that it’s almost certain that she is. All I’m saying is that we need to trust her when she says she hasn’t decided yet and that means it can still go either way and we need to be ready for the possibility. We need to continue what we’re doing in preparation for a run but we also need to get our mind set ready that she might not so we don’t completely lose it if she doesn’t. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m doing all the work and everything just like I’ve always done, but in my mind I’ve accepted that maybe she wont run that way I wont get all ticked off and disappointed if she doesn’t.

    Now I know I’m going to take some heat for this, but the reality is that the only one that can clear all of our heads at this point is Governor Palin herself. 

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  • Anonymous

    I absolutely agree with Sheya.

    First I want to thank Sheya for her great work at C4P.  He’s done above and beyond the call of duty by providing his own personal financial resources to give us the videos at PalinTV.

    Now here’s my take on the “will she or won’t she run”  issue that has become the central theme at C4P.

    I believe she hasn’t decided.  Duh?  But that’s not to say that she hasn’t been leaning one way or the other.

    My view is that for the last several months she has shown great hesitancy in jumping into the 2012 race that let me to BELIEVE she’s leaning on a no-go. Yet she has to keep the door open because if the lay of the land continues to give the people a poor choice of candidates and no one can articulate the message of the conservative movement then she has jump in. 

    Also, she ‘s watching if there are others, the so-called dark horses,  that will declare their candidacies.
    Don’t forget that there’s always a lot going on behind the scenes.  She could be talking with potential big donors and has an idea who these guys are waiting for. At this point we all know that the GOP hasn’t rally around one candidate yet.  The party could hardly wait to get a champion quickly in order to challenge Obama mano-a-mano.

    Sarah knows what’s going on.  So I’ll let her decide without making demands or threats. While I believe that she leans toward a no-go, it is NOT the same as that I believe she’ll not run.  Indeed, her hesitancy will take her decision right up to the deadline of the filing of candidacy.

    Ever since I started to comment here I have always stated that my loyalty is only to Sarah.  Like her praetorian guard my allegiance is pledged only to her, not to her party nor anybody else. 


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  • Bachmann is reaDY TO ACEEPT YOU in her ranks. She is on the prawl for Palin defectors!

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  • Sheya

    Give it a rest. If you don’t like what I write you don’t have to read it. But you have just made the case for my post. Just because I have an opinion doesn’t make me a “defector”.

    I support Governor Palin with whatever she does. Do you?

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  • Sheya

    Maybe people need a reminder of the C4P mission statement:

    We are not a “Draft Sarah Palin” website. We are “Conservatives for Palin” because we support her vision of an energy independent America that is more peaceful and more prosperous because we rely on our own resources. We support her respect for the culture of life. We support her belief in limited government and true free market capitalism — not the crony capitalism that once festered in Alaska or the corporatism that is currently taking hold in this country. We support her belief that America must be strong in order to be peaceful. We do not all agree with her on every issue. We often disagree with each other on specific issues. But we support the overall conservative philosophy that Sarah Palin affirms. Above all we respect her courage and integrity as a true reformer.

    It is irrelevant to us whether Sarah Palin runs for governor again, runs for president, or runs for any other elected office. If she were to say, “I’ve had enough. I’m going to retire and ride snowmachines in the winter and fish in the summer,” we would still support her.

    We would also like to make clear that we are not cult followers or groupies of Sarah Palin. I can’t even believe that we have to deny such a stupid accusation. But there it is. We are not part of a Sarah Palin cult. And we’re not mindless “Palinbots.” We’ve studied her record — that’s why we like her and support her. We know who she is.

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  • “I’m not saying that I think Governor Palin isn’t running, she is very likely to announce a candidacy soon. For all intents and purposes, until she says otherwise I’m proceeding with the assumption that she is running.”

    this contradicts the rest of this pathetic article. you ARE doubting that she’s running, that’s why you wrote the article. you just want to strike down our enthusiasm.

    i think it’s been obvious for months that she is planning to run and i don’t know HOW you missed that. i won’t go into reasons here because there are many and i don’t feel like typing them all out, although i’ve done it before. “the possibility she isn’t running?” what possibility? you think she’s too scared to run? too damaged by the media? too unelectable? willing to make all the grassroots efforts of her supporters go to waste? willing to be a cheerleader? don’t think so. she’s running.

    i think she has been saying she “hasn’t decided yet” because that confuses the media and her opponents. if she says she HAS decided, that gives her decision away, the media figures out she is running. right now, most of her supporters see the obvious signs, but the media/pundits do not know, because they are clueless. good, she wants to keep them clueless. that’s why she’s not doing the conventional signs of a run, like contacting big-shot republican leaders in iowa and nh, and forming exploratory committee. that’s why pundits do not think she’s running. but you and some supporters fell for her trick, and missed all the obvious signs.

    and i don’t think she’s wishy-washy and indecisive. if she really were 50-50 then she is taking forever to decide. wishy-washiness is so out of character for her. almost everyone else has already decided what to do. i think she has decided too.

    i won’t hate her if i’m wrong and she doesn’t run. but i will like her less, i’m not going to be a passionate supporter anymore. just lukewarm. i’m not going to be at c4p as much. i’m sorry but i don’t get fired up and excited for cheerleaders.

    if she doesn’t run, it means that all this time, she’s either been very very wishy-washy and indecisive, or she really is doing all this just for attention. if she doesn’t run, i guess i didn’t know her as well as i thought i did, and i am naievely too trusting of people.

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  • “We are not a “Draft Sarah Palin” website.”

    maybe not officially, but come on, we’ve pretty much become one. everyone on the site always talks about her running. the articles on the site point toward hope for a candidacy.

    you know… i’d rather palin TRY to run and lose, than to not try at all. if she does her best and fails? well the media will make fun of her but i will be proud, because she at least tried. if she didn’t run, i would lose some respect for her. unless she gives a very very good explanation… it would seem like she’s not running because she’s too scared to try. i dont think that’s her personality.

    “If she were to say, “I’ve had enough. I’m going to retire and ride snowmachines in the winter and fish in the summer,” we would still support her.”

    a lot of us wouldn’t, actually.

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  • Anonymous

    of course, I also would not withdraw my support if Gov Palin chose not to fight this battle …..

    however, I would batten down the hatches and prepare for the unknown as America goes down, because I would realise that Gov Palin had accepted the inevitable about America ….. and was just gonna hope for the best ….

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  • Sheya

    I’m not contradicting myself. What I’m saying is while I believe she’ll run we should still be open to the possibility that she might not as she herself keeps suggesting that she might not. All about softening the blow.

    In any event if you’re so convinced she’s running then this post is totally irrelevant so I don’t get why it would bother you. Unless in the back of your mind you may also have doubts and that is what’s really bothering you. (and by you I don’t mean just you I mean all those who seem to be really upset by this post).

    As for the reason why I put up this post. Just because someone might have doubts that she’s running, doesn’t make them less of a supporter. That was the point of the post.

    People need to relax and not have such a knee-jerk reaction to everything. I know everyone is frustrated and the suspense is killing. Either way I’m sure we’ll know her plans soon enough let’s hope her decision is what we want it to be.

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  • Haha. Well, the comments on this article prove that if Palin doesn’t run, she’s screwed. Her supporters will drop her like a hot coal.

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  • Bottom line Sarah Palin will make her own decision that best suits her. She is the one that will be impacted by decision and her family. She needs first and foremost to protect her family, she has young children and the looney Left is vicious when it comes to her.
    I know Sarah is not a quitter by heart–her resignation doesnt change my  impression- she is a fighter and she is fearless plus as an ex-athlete she is immensely competitive.
    I do believe she will run but with her dissatifaction with the GOP, she may be thinking of third party which is not what she really wants to do but may be forced to do in the end  if the GOP denies her the nomination with shenanigans, ie Hillary in 2008.
    I will support her regardless. But I will not blame her if she decides not to run this time, or go third party in the end. The race is better with her in it than on the sidelines. For that reason alone, she will run. I think the latest date to declare   is Labor Day.


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  • Gomez, you and others like you are idiots and in fact useless to Palin. In fact, you would do Palin a big favor by sticking to sports commentary during her campaign because of your low inteligence and ridiculous comments. No one is a bigger or better supporter of Palin than Sheya, and if you cannot recognize that then you are an utter moron.

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  • Very good piece, Sheya, as usual. Sheya is stating facts based on what Palin herself says. She says there is 50/50 chance of running, meaning there is an equal chance of her not running, as running. And he is so loyal that he will support her decision either way. If you love C4P and and more, you know that No one is a more loyal, devoted, vibrant, effective, and compelling supporter of Sarah Palin, than Sheya. 

    For all those complaining, you cannot be more religious than the Pope, meaning, if Sarah Palin herself says she may not run, than that is a fact and Sheya is just addressing Palin at her word.The fact is that with people in her corner like Sheya, and Peter Singleton, -Palin does not need CNN, FoxNews, NewsWeek, or any media. All Sarah Palin needs is to realize her supporters would carry her over the finish line straight to the White House. 

    It is her supporters like Sheya and Peter Singleton, Tammy, Jedidiah, etc. who she should be in daily contact with, who she should partner with to get her Campaign in full drive if she were to run, because it is them, and those like them, who will support her, whether she runs or not. Palin also needs to realize that when playing cat and mouse with the media, and pulling away from the media, she needs to draw close to her supporters. Any President who was elected drew in their strong supporters. With all due respect to Palin, the liberal rag Newsweek, with their recent favor of publishing very unpresidential pictures of her, is not going to get her to the White House, if that is her goal. It is Grassroots supporters like Sheya, Peter, Bert, Jedediah, Tammy Bruce, and others who will rally the troops, spread the word, convince the independents, help educate the masses, and get the votes in.

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  • Excuse me, Mainelysteve, You have faith in your Creator. That is who you have faith in. 

    Palin has said she may or may not run. That is her words, not sheya. If you want to have “faith” then you have to have faith in either her running or not running, as that is what Sarah Palin has decided is her position for now. You have to have “faith” that she is being honest in that position and does not expect people to “read into her words” as some people have strangely suggested.

    You have faith in G-d. And for Sarah Palin you hope that she runs if that is what YOU want, and you HOPE she makes the right decision.

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  • Anonymous

    Support for what, Sheya?  If she doesn’t run, our nation is lost, simple as that.  We give her support after that…to do what?  There isn’t any use to supporting her or anyone else after that, we just might as well prepare for our own survival the best we can.

    There is NO one who will stand up to all the RINOs and the left with courage and not back down…except her.  You know it, I know it, she knows it.  It isn’t just for our children and grandchildren, but her children and grandchildren too…we are all in the same boat.  She cannot look at her own grand kids and tell them about the freedoms she knew before we lost them and what a great nation this was.  She can’t…she just can’t, if she is who I think she is.

    I have no doubt that she’d rather not face another 8 years of madness from the left, of death threats, the filth slung at her in the stinking cesspool of Washington DC.  Taking over as president in January 2013 will be the most thankless and lonely task there is.  Other candidates can run without worrying about it because they will not be committed to changing things against the ruling class protests.  It will never change because no one else has the backbone for it.  A Sarah comes once in many generations, the next one will have to fight a bloody revolution against tyrannts if she does not step up now.  She knows this, and she’ll do what she must…reluctant or not.  It’s her burden, but she’ll carry it.

    Bristol says she has decided…Sarah did not actually contradict her.  She decided it a long time ago and is just reviewing the decision and how to best implement it.  She had the chance to tell her troops in Iowa to stand down, but she did not, she praised and encouraged them instead.  To believe that our loyalties and enthusiasm is transferable to another candidate is totally preposterous, and she knows better than that.  It would be a betrayal at this point.

    She will run, and if God is willing, she will win…with our help.

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  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with you, Melanie.

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  • Anonymous

    I am not a cult follower but I also know that there isn’t another candidate who can do the job.  Do you know who can  and WILL do it besides her? 
    That’s why my loyalties are to Sarah only.  That doesn’t make me a cult worshipper.  It just addresses reality.  No one else is on the scene who can do it besides her.  This is not politics as usual.  It is life and death of our nation and everything it stands for.
    Maybe she can’t do it either. If not, it can’t be done.

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  • Sheya, I’m with you on the support continuing whether she runs or not; personally, I do think the so-called signals you suggest she’s giving that she may not run are head fakes to the puppy press and naysayers. She’s an accomplished hunter and competitive athlete which is why I believe she’s throwing out these little tidbits to throw off the competition and the press. While I will support her whether she runs or not, for me it’s a moot point because I’m convinced she’s in already. ;~) That being said, I also completely respect your approach. BTW… I really enjoy your blog.

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  • Anonymous

    do you have a crystal ball?

    if so, what else do you see now 8 months later?

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  • huwei710

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