Why You Should Go See “The Undefeated” Even If You Don’t Support Governor Palin Or Don’t Think She’ll Run

I’ve been having a number of conversations with people about The Undefeated, Steve Bannon’s documentary about Governor Palin’s record as Alaska’s Governor.  While most of Governor Palin’s supporters are committed to go and see the movie, the two oft-repeated excuses from those who don’t intend to watch it are: A) This movie is targeted at Palin supports, I don’t support her so it’ll be a total waste of my time for me; B) What’s the point? She’s not running anyway. Now if she announced, that would be a different story.

I beg to differ. I believe that even if you don’t support her or don’t think she’ll run, you should still go see it simply for historical reasons alone.

For close to three years now, Americans have been subjected to hours and hours of reporting about Governor Palin. More often than not, those reports were distortions of her record, misquoting of her remarks, and mostly non-stop ridicule and trashing of her family. While most Americans have heard the media’s spin, hardly any have had the opportunity to hear her side of the story.  Whether conservative, liberal or independent, most people consider themselves to be open minded and reasonable people. Most people, when hearing one side of a story, believe in giving the accused the opportunity to defend themselves.

Whether Governor Palin runs for president or not, when history is written and the story of Governor Palin is recited to future generations, every fair minded person would like to be able to tell their children “I heard both sides of the story.” It makes no difference whether after watching the movie you end up supporting her or not or whether you accept what you see or don’t. When your children ask you whether you just went along with what the media told you or whether you did your own homework, you’ll want to be in a position to respond, “I did my own research; I gave her a fair hearing and I reached my own educated conclusion.”

Spending endless hours doing homework about Governor Palin can be a demanding task, especially with so many fabricated and negative stories about her. Steve Bannon condensed her record into a two hour documentary.  He did the work for you. All he asks for in return is two hours of your time and $10 for his trouble.

After watching almost three years of biased reporting, every fair-minded American should find two hours of their time to give Governor Palin the chance to tell her side of the story. If nothing else, you should see it just so you will feel better about yourself for being truly open-minded, hearing out the other side, and not just going with the flow.

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