Ann Coulter: Why the Boehner Plan Needs to Pass

On Hannity Ann Coulter explains why she supports the Boehner Plan. I agree.

Boehner knows this bill wont pass the Senate so if he can’t win it legislatively at least win it politically. It doesn’t make any difference what’s in the bill, it could be a Pizza menu, as long as he passes something. This is about being able to say “we passed something, they haven’t”. If the bill passes Republicans can argue that they passed something and it is the President and Democrats who knocked it down and if America defaults it’ll be their responsibility. If Republicans fail to pass a bill the Democrats will claim it was Republicans and the Tea Party that are just against everything and it is they who don’t want to get anything done.

I understand where the tea party is coming from. They are sick and tired of all the promises and all the debt, but unfortunately this is a battle we cant win, the democrats won the narrative and the debt limit will be increased, if not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow next week, but it’s going to happen. If this bill fails the Tea Party will be damaged.

I am as much a Tea Partier as anyone else but there is a time for everything. Cutting off your nose to spite your face will not help the country in the long run. Republicans need to be able to tell Americans  that they did something and the President didn’t. This is what this vote is all about.

People tend to forget that Republicans only control one house, there is not much they can do. We need to think long term; win back the Senate and the White House in 2012 and we can actually accomplish real things.

Republicans will vote Republican, Democrats will vote Democrat. What we need is independents and independents want to see action. Like it or not independents want a compromise, I say give it to them and you win in 2012, don’t give it to them and you loose the house too.

As it stands now, Boehner can only play the hand he’s been dealt and raising the ante without even holding an Ace is just not worth it. Play it safe and on the next round we’ll be dealt a full house.


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  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter is a Republican. Not a Conservative. Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Dick Morris, Krauthammer, the WSJ, and most of Fox News is Republican and Not Conservative. Sarah Palin has to go directly to the people because Fox News will ignore, lie, and distort. Fox News serves only the Establishment. Fox News declared war on the Tea Party. Bill O’Reilly and the Wall Street Journal Opinion Page Directly attacked the Tea Party. That is not coincidence.

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  • Anonymous

    Old Annie, I think the Conservatives are wise to you.

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