Great Speech By Marco Rubio From Senate Floor Explaining the Debt Crisis – UPDATED

Rubio’s made this speech from the Senate Floor today explaining the problems the country is facing. I don’t think have I’ve heard anyone explain it better than he does here. Simple, with facts and easy to understand.

He calls out, Obama, Biden and Reid on their hypocrisy. John Kerry interrupts him with some stupid questions, according to Kerry it’s OK to flip flop if your flip flop is just “symbolic”.



Here is an ad by Americans for Prosperity

Since President Obama took office the national debt is up 35% and unemployment is up 18%, yet he opposes real reforms that would get spending under control and our economy moving again. It is time to lead.

Ed Morrissey at HotAir has more on this video here



Boehner and McConnell’s press conference from 4pm this afternoon Boehner laid the blame squarely on Obama. McConnell assured us that the country will not default.

Via The Right Scoop

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