Roundup: The London Riots and Looting – Includes Over 20 Videos

We’ve often seen it on TV where thugs get to the streets and cause chaos just for the sake of chaos.  We’ve seen it in Egypt, France, Greece, Syria and all across the world. But we never get to actually feel it until we’re actually in the bubble.

This week I felt it.

While in many countries the chaos comes as a result of economic depression, those riots in London were caused by nothing else than by Animals who were released from their cages.

The unrest began after a protest over the fatal shooting by police of 29-year-old Mark Duggan on Thursday. About 300 people gathered outside the police station on the High Road after demonstrators demanded “justice”.

Hooligans saw this as an opportunity to do what their inner evil has been urging them to do and jumped on the bandwagon to destroy a community, a town, a city and a country. Most if not all of them probably never heard of Mark Duggan and have no idea why they are doing it other than to cause destruction.

The American media is blaming the unrest on the weak economy. This has nothing to do with the economy those kids are animals who just find an opportunity to be violent and went for it.

Just a mile away from where I live, entire blocks were burned down and shopping retail parks were crushed. A block away from my house shops were broken into in broad daylight and punks killed each other.

Supermarkets and banks closed their doors in the middle of the working day simply out of fear. And the police can’t do anything about it.

It’s not that the police are afraid of the looters, they are afraid of the political implications.

After the July 7 2005 subway and bus bombings Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was shot and killed by police at Stockwell Tube station, south London.

Mr Menezes was living in an apartment building in Tulse Hill, south London, which was being monitored by police as a result of evidence uncovered in their investigation into the attempted Subway and bus bombings on 21 July.

When he left his apartment, sometime after 9am on Friday 22 July, armed police began following him, Mr Menezes’ clothing and behavior including carrying a backpack similar to what the terrorists used, heightened police suspicions and they asked him to stop. Instead Mr Menezes started running toward the station even after the officers shouted warnings of “armed police”.  When he reached the station, not wanting to take the risk of him going in an blowing the place up, the police fired 7 shots at him and killed him.

As it turned out, Menezes ran away from the police simply because he had an out of date visa and was afraid of being arrested and/or deported.

Their was a public outcry, the entire nation criticized the police, even the British home office throw them under the bus for political purposes. For over 6 years there has been an investigation after investigation. Millions of dollars have been wasted and heads have rolled over this saga.

At the time British Prime Minister Tony Blair while saying he was “desperately sorry” an innocent man had lost his life and that it was right for Britain to express its “sorrow and deep sympathy” to Mr Menezes’ family. But he said the police must be supported in doing their job. He added that they would have been criticised had the suspect turned out to be a terrorist and they had failed to take action. But even he eventually turned against the police.

As a result, the British police are simply reluctant to do their jobs. Police officers don’t want to risk similar backlash so they simply wont do anything.

This week Britain has learnt it’s lesson.


Prime Minister David Cameron initial statement on the riots and looters (August 09 2011)

Another statement from Prime Minister David Cameron on the continuing riots and looters (August 10 2011).


This photo gallery shows the before and after photos of buildings, stores and streets  that were destroyed in the riots

[flagallery gid=13 name=”Before and After Photos” w=590 h=560 skin=default]


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Below is a collection of videos of the riots, unrest and anarchy that took place in the UK this week. The videos are posted in no particular order or date.


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