Bachmann vs. Pawlenty: Good Entertainment, But Time For Both To Step Aside

It started when Chris Wallace asked Tim Pawlenty whether he believes Michele Bachmann is unqualified to be president since he has argued that she has no record of accomplishments.

Pawlenty responded by saying that she’s a nice lady, she’s done wonderful things but she has no record of accomplishments or results. He followed up by citing a string of his own accomplishments.

Given the opportunity to respond, Bachmann went after Pawlenty’s record and questioned a number of things of his record and pretty much accused him of being a clone of Barack Obama. She then went off citing a number of things she has fought and championed against like increasing the debt ceiling, though she didn’t answer the question of what she has ever accomplished.

Pawlenty came back and accused her of being a liar. Then came the killler:

“She says that she’s fighting for these things. She fought for less government spending, we got a lot more. She led the effort against Obama Care, we got Obama Care. She led the effort against TARP, we got TARP. She said she’s got a titanium spine, it’s  not her spine we’re worried about, it’s her record of results. If that’s your view of  effective leadership with results, please stop because you’e killing us”.

Bachmann again responded by telling us how she led the charge against Pelosi, Reid and Obama in the Health Care and Debt ceiling debates.

Watch the full exchange:


I have seen a number of people going after Pawlenty for coming down really hard on Bachmann. But people seem to be missing the larger point.

For starters he is right.  Bachmann really doesn’t have a record of accomplishments and even when given a number of opportunities she failed to point to anything she’s accomplished. In fact she keeps on repeating the things she didn’t accomplish.

But basically it comes down to this. Pawlenty made the case that Bachmann has no record of accomplishments and even on those things she claims she has fought for she didn’t get any results. In  response Bachmann pretty much backed up what he said by citing a shopping list of things she fought for but never succeeded in accomplishing. One can argue that it was Bachmann who was acting like Obama, taking credit for things that never happened. Bottom line she didnt answer the question of what she actually ever accomplished.

As for Pawlenty; yes he was a governor with a record of accomplishments. But when Bachmann questioned some of his decisions, he  came back on the attack but he too didn’t answer the question.

Both Pawlwnty and Bachmann were asked questions the American people want answers for. We want to know what Bachamnn has accomplished, evidently she has nothing to point to other than citing things she has had no success in accomplishing. We want to know how Pawlenty justifies the various questionable decisions he made as governor. Again he didn’t do that.

Watching two politicians from Minnesota going at each other might be good entertainment, but America isn’t looking for another inexperienced under accomplished actor, we’re looking for leadership. Something both these candidates lack. If you can’t answer a simple question you can’t expect us to trust you to handle the worlds most complex issues.

It’s time for the two of them to step aside and let the serious candidates, those with real records and accomplishments, get on with the serious business of solving the nations and the worlds problems.


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  • Anonymous

    Fox News has probably threatened Palin that if she ran they would burry her and do everything in their power to make sure she would have no future in Politics or the media.

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  • The Straw Poll ended up being meaningless, as you can see because Paul came in second, and he is a very weak candidate outside his small core vociferous base. So, the Poll ended up not meaning anything in terms of the election, because it does not reflect reality around the country.

    However, I will say that Palin can be nominated as the person to squander the best lead a person could have, throwing it away with both hands. She thinks she has outsmarted the media but she has only outsmarted her own self. She has allowed so much time to go by to give Bachmann and Santorum and Romney a vast stretch to gain attention and popularity and followers and a large network of volunteer campaign staffers. 

    I don’t know Sheya in person, but from his blogs we can all see that he is a devoted, loyal supporter of Palin. Yet, I do not see any indication from his Postings that he was in Arizona, Iowa, Alaska, or anywhere around the Palin Campaign getting actively involved and being put to good use. Nor have I seen any other famous Palin supporters reporting that they are with the Palin Campaign- not Tammy, not Peter, not Bert. That means that it is late August and she has not even gathered in Sheya and her other staunch supporters for a possible campaign run. Does she think that appearing on Hannity and Newsweek articles is going to get her elected if she is considering a run??! Does she think that allowing people to spend so much time and money on her for so long, completely in the dark, and then ignoring them is going to get her elected? 

    Wake up, Sarah Palin!!

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