Bachmann: I Won, I Won. Da, Da, Da, Da, Da

As much as you might have tried to avoid the news today, you couldn’t  have missed it even if you wanted to;  Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw poll. But just in case you did, the congressman made sure you didn’t.

Earlier this evening during a speech at the Black Hawk County Lincoln Day Dinner in Waterloo, Iowa, she came out tooting her own horn, showing an Iowan paper of her winning the straw poll.


Now, I can understand her excitement, and I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the presidential candidate, but I found it to be hilarious especially after Rick Perry, who was in the audience, had just gotten off a resounding speech.

Maybe she was trying to do a Harry Truman. In which case, congresswomen, in case you missed it; YOU WON and the paper got it right.


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  • Lynda

    If you look at her she looks different than she the past few days …she was going through a bad headache…I would bet you..

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  • I’m sorry, I just do not like Bachmann. If Obama is the King of Platitudes and empty slogans, then Bachmann is the Queen of platitudes and empty slogans. I used to like her, but then I realized that she uses the same tired memorized lines over and over and over. When asked questions she cannot answer cogently because she always answers with her memorized platitudes. If I hear “I am going to repeal that and you can take that to the bank and cash it” one more time I’ll have a migraine. Can paople tolerate this for another YEAR? (well, I guess they tolerated Obama’s platitudes…but he is a Democrat and they’re used to that).

    What makes Palin so electrifying and endlessly interesting and compelling is that she, unlike Bachmann, actually has the ability to think and answer questions using her brains to formulate real, thoughtful, intelligent answers based on her ideas and values, even if it shakes up the mainstream media. I would say that the only other candidate to have the ability, the real intelligence needed to do that, is Gingrich. Just for my own jollies I would love to see a debate between Gingrich and Palin- two real brains going at it- now that would be at least interesting and not mind numbing as a Bachmann debate or speech is.


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  • Anonymous

    Winning the Ames straw poll without Palin or Romney in it is like winning a gold medal in an Olympics the US is boycotting.

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  • she has a tendency to repeat herself over and over again so this is no shock. like the way she keeps telling us all –“hey did you know I was born in Iowa”?

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