Obama Confronted By Tea Party Activists, Dana Perino Reacts

Barack Obama was confronted by Tea Party Activists who challenged him on why Democrats, and specifically his vice President Joe Biden, have labeled them the Tea Party as terrorists.

Well as we have come to expect, at first he blatantly denied it, but when that obviously didn’t fly, in typical Obama fashion, blamed everyone else except himself. His excuse; people criticize me too.

Asked by Greta Van Susteren to react, former press secretary to President George W. Bush, Dana Perino said that while she can understand the frustration of the people, those people have sort of crossed a line. Obama is the president and if for nothing else, the office of the President ought to be respected. You don’t hackle the President of the Untied States. Though she says that Obama has no one but himself to blame because from the day he came into office Obama politicized everything.

Perino than goes on ripping Obama on his bus tour and blowing away the smoke and fanfare of the supposedly plan the President has announced he’ll release in September.


Here is another clip of Obama whining about being called a socialist or something. Now that’s not the same as being called a murderer or a terrorist, is it Mr. President?


What a cry baby, no wonder the United States has been downgraded if the president can’t even wipe himself clean anymore.

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  • Yahoo news is claiming that the Tea Party guy SHOUTED at the President, did it sond like he was shouting to you.  More media co conspirators

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  • Anonymous

    That first video was hilarious; this man is completely lost without his teleprompter. I can’t wait for the series of presidential debates between Sarah Palin and him!

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  • Ms. Perino when the Pres respects America — I’ll respect him. He didn’t even give the questioner a straight answer as usual and flat out lied.

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  • I have been saying for a long time Sarah Palin is the only one who can beat Obama. That is why they never left her alone even after he won. Any chance they had they tried to get her. Obama will probably keep the economy bad and then try to change it but it may not work. That’s why he is opening the doors to the illegals and why he has so many muslims coming in. This last round of muslims is close to 100.000. that he is bringing in free housing and they also get SS food stamps welfare free health care. More than 40%of food stamps go to illegals.

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  • The guest on Greta was inconsistant. You can’t ask the President a question? And then she starts ripping into him? That was too funny.

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  • huwei710


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