National Geographic Special: President Bush Looks Back At The Attacks That Changed America

Via HotAir:

A short promo from National Geographic TV to tease their one-hour special about his memories of the attack debuting this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET. As I understand it, there’s no narration and you never hear the questions being put to him by the interviewer. It’s just him, for the full hour, remembering.

Talking of Bush and 9/11 AllahPundit makes an interesting observation:

If Perry ends up as the nominee, the fact that Bush has conducted himself graciously since leaving office will take some of the sting out of the inevitable “Perry is Bush on steroids” Democratic talking points, which is mighty ironic given the tensions between their two camps. It won’t shield Perry completely — most voters still blame Bush for the state of the economy, not Obama, which is why you’ll hear his name mentioned frequently next year — but between the commemorations of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and the fact that Dubya’s never complained about the criticism, those attacks won’t have the bite that they otherwise might have.

I disagree with Allah that  most voters still blame Bush for the economy. Sure the Obama campaign will try to sell that as much as possible. But unless you believe voters are that stupid it wont fly. By this time next year Obama will have served nearly a complete term. When he got into office unemployment was well below 8%, in fact he promised that the stimulus will ensure it never reaches 8%. It’s now hovering around 10% with no signs of getting better. He’s added $4 trillion to the deficit in 2 years, that’s more than Bush did in his entire presidency.  Voters will not fall for the blame Bush strategy, not after Obama was voted in to office to fix things and has had four years to do it and things have only gotten worse.

In any event, here is the promo.

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