Ann Coulter Likes Chris Christie’s Position On Amnesty, But Doesn’t Know What His Position Actually Is

I’m not attacking Ann Coulter, I just find it hilarious how obsessed this women is with Chris Christie. So much so, that she even supports his positions on issues she has no clue what those positions actually are.

During an appearance on Hannity, Sean asked her what she thinks of Perry. Coulter responds by saying that he [Perry] needs a little work on amnesty, but there is a Governor in New Jersey that really fits the bill right now.

Asked what Christie’s position on amnesty is, she responds by saying: “Um, he’s a governor of New Jersey he hasn’t come out for amnesty”

In other words: I haven’t a clue

Hannity: Who do you like for president now, Do you like Perry?

Coulter: He needs a little work on amnesty. But I think there is a corpulent governor in New Jersey who would really fit the bill right now.

Hannity: Oh my gosh, you are obsessed with Christie.

Coulter: I am right.

Hannity: Is he going to run?

Coulter: Yeah as soon as people hear  more about Perry’s vies on amnesty, um, if amnesty goes… I mean he’s just a little bit to much like George Bush, including (interrupted)

Hannity: What’s Christie’s views on Immigration?

Coulter: Um, he’s a governor of New Jersey he hasn’t come out for amnesty.

I don’t have a problem with her being obsessed with Christie, if he’s the person she wants to support for president, by all means it’s her right. But, come on, if you’re going to go on national television propping him up, at least familiarize yourself with where he stands on the very issues you’re criticizing the other candidates for. Unless it’s not his politics she likes, maybe it’s his corpulent status, she emphasizes, that attracts her to him. In which case Ann, just get a room and get it over with.



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  • Wonder what her position is on his moratorium on fracking?

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  • georjette

    I stop listening to the pundits like Ann Coulter, turned them off long time ago.  

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  • Anonymous

    RINO Meltdown…

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  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Coulter always going on and on that Palin doesn’t have enough experience to run for president? Just wondering about that because Ann doesn’t seem to mind that her corpulent crush in New Jersey is still on his first term as governor there. 

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