Fallen Navy SEAL’s Dog Refuses to Leave Master’s Side at Funeral

Very touching story:

Fox Insider

Petty Officer Jon Tumilson’s dog Hawkeye refused to leave his side, even in death. Thirty-five year old Tumilson died in the chopper crash in Afghanistan that killed 21 Navy SEALs earlier this month. Hawkeye, his devoted Labrador Retriever, remained Tumilson’s casket throughout his funeral, keeping a watchful eye on his friend.

Truly a man’s best friend

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  • Anonymous

    Every time I hear about the death or injury of a soldier, my heart just breaks. Deep down, I know these men and women do not die in vain, but that is so little consolation to the families of the fallen at a time like this. That dog’s silent mourning of his master represents all our grief for those who make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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