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On Vacation – Back Soon


I’ve been getting quite some emails and DM’s from people asking me what happened to me and why this site hasn’t been updated in more than a week. I guess when you’re as popular as I am some notification of your absence is obligatory.

Well people, I’ve been working hard for the past few years, what with trying to fix the economy, creating jobs and all, it’s been tough. Frankly speaking I have no clue what to do about it, so I figured; what the hack, might as well go on a 10 day vacation. Hopefully by my absence it’ll all sort itself out. If it works out, great. If it doesn’t, I can always go on another vacation. Maybe golfing next time.

In any event, I’ll be back on September 12. Until then, I’ll just be relaxing, enjoying some delicious Florida cocktails and gathering some magic from the magnificent fairies at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I might even try some of that to fix the economy.

As for the other websites I usually attend to; while I do monitor and check them on a regular basis and try to deal with any technical issues (or postings where applicable) as soon as they occur, please excuse any delays as a result of my BlackBerry being turned off when I am off on a Cheetah Hunt

Hasta la vista


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