Joe McGinnis: Exhibit A Of How The Media Is Out For Blood

Creepy Joe McGinnis’s National Enquirer in Hardback is about to hit the shelves and his bogus fabrications are already being shredded to pieces by even the even the usually liberal  media including the New York Times.

I wasn’t even going to touch this thing, or bother giving this slime ball liar the time of day. There is really nothing even to defend Governor Palin here, you don’t defend something that everyone knows is total fabrication. People have addressed it appropriately here, here, here and here.

What I will say is that this book is exhibit A of how the left and the Palin haters are out for blood simply to destroy Governor Palin by any means possible. This is not political, this is personal. With the nastiest and most degrading levels of gossip they are out to take down a wife and a mother, a father and a husband and their children in an attempt to destroy a family.

It’s Ironic how McGinnis begins his book complaining about some stupid hate mail he received for actually doing something wrong, then proceeds to write an entire hate book with one made up lie after another. I wonder how he sleeps at night.

The left and the media take great pride in pointing out and elaborating on Governor Palin’s supposedly gaffes to portray her as some dumb twit. But where is the media in pointing out what Governor Palin keeps going through? Every single day another story, another fabrication and another fake scandal. Considering the crap this women goes through it’s a wounder she doesn’t shoot a gaffe a minute. When people criticize Obama on policy the cry baby complains how he’s treated like a dog. If that’s considered being treated like a dog, I can’t even think how to define the way Governor Palin is treated.

People in the media need to take a step back and think of how when the day ends, the news is over and they come home and spend time with their families, how at that very moment the Palin family gather around to sigh over another fake story written about them by some reporter with no sense of decency who is ready to destroy a human being for no other reason than get a pat on the back by his buddies for the fantastic piece of crap they have just  released.

Next time a reporter wants to write a “is she or isn’t she” story, more appropriate would be to write an “how is she doing?” story. There are more important things to life than worrying when a potential candidate will announce. Common decency should be paramount.

As for creepy Joy, evidently crap is something you enjoy,  hell is waiting for you with a super giant bowl of hot crap, hope they feed you lots of it.

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    Woo Hoo!  The Lord doth worketh in mysteriouth ways.  This just in:  HAHAHAHAHA

    When the time is right all of the pieces fall right into their places…  right side up.


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