Weighing In On Palin

Beltway pundits keep saying and repeating that Governor Palin needs to study up and needs to weigh into the issues. Whether you agree with Governor Palin’s positions or not, she does know her stuff. She has weighed in on every issue facing the nation.  She was ahead of the curve on healthcare, on energyon QE2, on inflation, and on Libya to name a few. She was the one to bring the Crony Capitalism issue to forefront, now of course every other candidate is running with it. No other potential GOP candidate has weighed into the issues as Governor Palin has, and NONE have been ahead of the curve on anything.

The problem with those Beltway pundits is that they never listen or read what Governor Palin says or writes. A typical example would be Charles Krauthammer. I have great respect for Mr. Krauthammer but when it comes to Governor Palin he and people like him are simply not qualified to talk about her.

In August 2009 Mr. Krauthammer wrote a column where he started off by asking Governor Palin to leave the room. Then he spent the rest of the article writing exactly what Governor Palin wrote just days before.

On the night of President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union speech, Governor Palin was on Fox News reacting to the speech. The next night, Mr. Krauthammer was on Special Report essentially repeating Governor Palin word by word.

Either Mr. Krauthammer never reads Governor Palin’s columns or he just plagiarizes her every word.

Here is my challenge to those pundits: name one, just one issue, you had wanted Palin to weigh in on that she hasn’t. You simply can’t. Pundits and establishment elites  should use the advice they give Governor Palin; study up on the topic before you talk about it.

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