Governor Palin, We Would Like To Hear From You Re: September Announcement

If I arrange for a friend to call me at 6pm, I don’t chase them up at 5:45 to make sure they still plan to call me. But if I find out that my friend has other arrangements at 6pm, I will call and ask them if our call is still on, not to complain, but to know if I have to rearrange my schedule.

There are high expectations among Governor Palin’s supporters and the media that she will announce a decision on whether she will enter the presidential race by the end of September. Those expectations originate from the various indications that Governor Palin herself has given that the end of September would be her time frame.

During an appearance on Hannity on July 13th Governor Palin said:

“You know, August and September, you do have to start laying out a plan if you are to be one to throw your hat in the ring, so that’s basically the time frame, ….”

Then, during her visit to the Iowa Fair in August, in response to questions by multiple reporters, the Governor repeated this timeline.

While there are still a couple of days until the end of the month, on Friday Scott Conroy wrote an article suggesting that Governor Palin may hold off an announcement until October, and during her appearance on Hannity last week the Governor even suggested she might wait until November to make that decision.

It may well be that Palin didn’t mean the end of September as the drop-dead point. She may have meant it as a general ballpark figure. In which case early to mid-October could still be considered within the time frame. However, based on what she said, many of her supporters and people in the media are expecting some sort of announcement by the end of this month. A couple general statements to Hannity aren’t enough to dampen down expectations if her plans have changed.

We follow Governor Palin closely and are aware that even if she had originally planned on announcing her decision by the end of this month, there are justifiable reasons for her to hold off for another few weeks.

She could be waiting to see who else gets into the race. Governor Palin has often said if someone she feels she can get behind gets in, she will support that candidate. Now that there are rumblings that others may get in, she may want to wait and see. If she wants to get a view of the full field before she makes her final decision, it would necessarily mean that an announcement wouldn’t come until close to the filing deadlines.

Back in August when expectations mounted that Palin might announce in Indianola, she came out to debunk it; as a result the expectations died down and people attended the event not expecting an announcement. That way, no one walked away disappointed.

If in fact Governor Palin does not intend to announce by the end of the month, as she herself has suggested, it would be helpful if she would find a way to reach out to her supporters and advise them accordingly so that they don’t build their hopes up, wait for something that’s not going to happen, and then feel let down.


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