Hypocrisy Of The Media – The Sudden Discovery Of Palin Support Sites

For close to three years now Palin support sites have been covering Governor Palin’s record, fighting the smears and defending Governor Palin against her detractors providing the actual facts on everything involving Governor Palin.

Whenever a story about Governor Palin broke the website Conservatives4Palin provided the actual facts of what happened, or in most cases what didn’t happen. But it never occurred to anyone in the media to just log on to the website, check out the other side of the story and report it objectively.

We would be forgiven to have believed that they simply didn’t know we existed and we may have even blamed ourselves for not promoting and pushing those websites hard enough. Turns out that we were in fact well known. Even this site that’s about two weeks old, when it comes to trashing Governor Palin they were quick to find us.

Less than twelve hours after Palin announced her decision not to run, the media were already grabbing and posting comments off our websites as evidence that her supporters are frustrated. Suddenly the media “sympathize” and feel “sorry” for us.

Where were those people for the past three years? Why didn’t they grab our posts and comments then? Were they so afraid that by doing so someone might actually find out the truth?

Maybe if they had done the right thing and done their home work for the past two years we wouldn’t be in the situation where they have to feel sorry for us right now.

When it involved defending Palin they looked the other way and convinced themselves that we didn’t exist, when it came to using us to trash her suddenly they find us credible.

Of course some of the comments were not so pleasant. Those are the most pro-Palin websites, where Palin’s most diehard supporters hang out, most of whom expected her to run for president. So when she announced that she will not run people were disappointed, shocked and yes, many were ticked off. We are human and people reacted the way humans react when things don’t work out the way they had been hoping for three years.

Unlike others, on our websites we always speak our true feelings and true emotions, in good times and in bad times.

What did the media think, that we’ll pop open the champagne bottles?

Twenty four hours later, the tone has changed. People had time to digest it, they slept on it and had time to think about it. The same people who were upset yesterday are now more understanding, but you won’t read any of that in the lamestream media.

So please Lamestream media, while we appreciate the traffic, we don’t need you patronizing us, we are quite capable of handling ourselves. Your hypocrisy is so transparent now that any excuse you might have had in the past for not covering her objectively is now obsolete.

Thanks But No Thanks Lamestream Media

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