Ron Paul: Would Not Authorize The Killing Of Bin Laden, Iran Should Have A Nuclear Weapon

In the center seat on Special Report, Ron Paul was asked by Stephen Hayes whether he would have authorized the raid into Pakistan. Paul at first tried to dodge the question saying that his better way would have been to have captured Bin Laden in 2002. Even after Hayes pressed him by noting that that didn’t happen, we’re talking about 2011 Paul repeated what we should have could have but didn’t do.

Hayes didn’t give up and pressed further asking him: “Because that didn’t happen in 2011 you not would have authorized that raid into Pakistan” 

Paul’s response: “Well, since KSM [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] was delivered to us by Pakistanis that we should have at least talk to them”.

I did not believe I’ll ever say this: I’m actually glad Barack Obama was president on May 2 2011 and not Ron Paul.

Watch the video:

Below is the full segment, where Paul also says that Turkey doesn’t like Israel because they are Islamic now and we should allow Iran to have a Nuclear weapon so they can feel more powerful or something.

Have a look at the faces of the others in the panel, they are not amused. Krauthammer looks really annoyed.

Watch the video:

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