Newt Gingrich Talks To Monica Crowley About His Campaigns Momentum

In this segment Newt talks about the momentum his campaign has been gaining recently. He talks about how in the end voters will go with substance over style and money and will turn to him. He briefly talks about his tax plan. He concedes that he will never have the money some of his opponents will have but he is relying on social media and grass roots to push him over the top.

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  • Look…Im not belittleing Newt at all, just saying hes a home boy…establishment GOP…Want more of the same elect Newt…Its not that hes not intellgient for he is but when it comes to real reform there are only two people that will fit the bill,one Sarah  the other is Pamela Gellar…Only those two and only if Sarah backs Pams play…if she runs one or the other dont matter to me…!

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  • Sheya

    I don’t necessarily disagree with you. But what’s your choice? Would you rather have Obama or Romney elected? Of course you wont.

    Palin isn’t running so we have to start excepting the fact that a true reformer is not going to get elected in 2012. So it comes down to picking the person who’ll do the least damage.

    Newt has been talking reform a lot lately. He might not mean it but at least he’s talking about it. Newt has a lot of faults but he does love his country and I think he realizes that now more than ever serious reforms must take place. Simply to save the country, while he might not go full steam ahead at least he’ll get the ship moving in a right direction. 

    Neither Palin or Gellar are running so we got to be realistic and go with the person who we can at least hope will do the right thing. Who else is there?

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  • Cain has to be establishment.   Cains not experienced, and the establishment would be comfortable telling him what to do, and keeping him busy enough, so that he’s not looking into WHO DID WHAT AND WHAT WENT WRONG.   Alan Greenspan.. come on.  

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  • Anonymous

    In response to a questioner yesterday when asked how he would get congress to act on his proposals, Mr. Cain responded with:  “I will take my case to the American people, and they will hold their representatives feet to the fire.”  OWTTE

    In other words, Mr. Cain, more than any other incumbent or candidate right now, “gets” about  what this country is supposed to be.


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  • linlili 

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