Rick Perry Can’t Remember The Government Agencies He Plans To Close

I didn’t get around to posting this video until now, and while every person living on planet earth has probably already seen it, I have some loyal readers who visit this site to keep up with the latest major political  news who have emailed me wondering why I haven’t posted it.

So here you go…

Perry says he will close three agencies of government when he gets to the White House. He names them as, education, commerce,… but when it comes to naming the third he gets stuck. It ends up with: I can’t. The third one, I can’t sorry, oops.

Video courtesy:  ElectAd


My two cents:  My first instinct was to write Perry off after this, but now that I had time to think about it, I think people are jumping two fast to conclude his campaign is over.

It’s quite obvious that in this case he pulled a blank, he’s been talking about closing the department of Energy for month so it’s not the type of gaffe where he didn’t know something or messed up a fact. His mind just stopped for a moment, something that happens to us all often.

I don’t support Perry for president, but the guy faced the music today,  did his rounds everywhere including the hostile media. That took some courage, something we could use in a candidate. The American people are very forgiving to people who admit their mistakes.

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