Newt: I Voted 7200 Times, Given 15,000 Speeches, Written 24 Books. They’re Going To Find Plenty Of Things To Throw At Me

Newt appeared on Hannity last night where he discussed how just a couple of month ago he was written off and now he is leading in the polls. Hannity asks Gingrich about his sudden surge to which he responds that when people examine his record, such as balancing the budget, entitlement reform and getting things done, combine that with the fact that they would like to see him debate Obama, they realize that he would be the right person make Obama a  one term president and get America back on track.

Hannity then moves on to the inevitable personal attacks that come with being a front runner. Newt responds that when you’re running for president you have to be ready for the malicious attacks that come with it, “If you’re not tough enough to withstand this kind of scrutiny, you’re sure not tough enough to be President of the United States”.

When Hannity asks him where he thinks the attacks are going to come from he responds  by saying: “I’ve voted 7200 times in my career, I’ve given probably 15,000 speeches, I’ve written 24 books… the fact is if you go through all that stuff you’re going to find plenty of things to throw at me”.

When asked about his personal history he responds by saying that he never said he led a perfect life, he’s made many mistakes he regrets and he has had to ask for forgiveness from G-d and his family. But now at 68 and a grandfather he sees the world differently and it’s up to people to measure his past with his present and decide if they can accept him as the right person to lead America.

The interview continues with Hannity asking him to respond to a number of other criticisms, including the ad with Nancy Pelosi,  saying that he agreed with parts of the Dream Act and taking money from Freddie Mac.

Finally he concludes by pointing out some of his major success as speaker.

Watch the interview it’s one of his best interviews:

The ad with Nancy Pelosi was probably the dumbest thing he’s done in recent years

In this clip Bob Beckel also says that this interview was one of Newt’s best interviews he’s had. Beckel suggests that Newt should go as far as turning the responses he gave in this interview and turn them into a campaign ads.

This morning Newt appeared on Fox and Friends where he responded to further criticisms


In closure: Here is a clip of Charles Krauthammer back in May writing off Newt’s candidacy. Krauthammer told Bret Baier that Gingrich “didn’t have a big chance from the beginning, but now it’s over.”

So much for being “Mr Smart”


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