O’Reilly: The Media Now In Business To Destroy Not To Enlighten

I have had my beef with Bill O’Reilly and have often called him out when I thought he was being a pinhead. But tonight I applaud him for bringing to the forefront this issue.

The back story: Actress Ellen Barkin told the LA Times that the Tea Party is a very bad thing and that Fox News lies to promote tea party values. Barkin didn’t give the paper any examples to backup her accusation, but The  LA Times didn’t challenge her and printed the story anyway.

On Monday night appearing on CNN’s Headline News with Joy Behar Ms Barking siad that she is flattered that she is now on Bill O’Reilly’s radar, that Bill called her a pinhead, a washed up has and a b***h.

There is only one problem with that statement: According to O’Reilly, it never happened, he claims he has never ever mentioned her name on his show.

Obviously, Bill didn’t take it lightly and as a result he finally became sick and tired with the media:

…The bigger picture is the tremendous decline in the American media. It’s now totally acceptable in many precincts to print or broadcast flat-out falsehoods, not even to bother confirming anything…

… And the smears don’t just effect controversial guys like me, all politicians and famous people are targets, any accusation becomes a front page headline. And you wounder why good people don’t run for office?< Intelligent Americans well understand the media is now in business to destroy not to enlighten... ... It's long past time for we the people to stop ignoring the tremendous decline in the American media. We have garbage 24/7 on televeision. We have outragously harmful things on the internet, and we have a system whereby famous people can not sue because they are public figures. That is harming our country dramatically.

I agree with Bill, famous people and public figures should be able to sue for defamation, that would force the media to be 100% sure before they publish a story. It’ll solve a lot of problems. While it took for Bill to be personally effected by media slander, at least he finally took notice. I hope he continues to push this, it’s about time someone takes this on forcefully.

Watch the video:

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