Wrapping Up The Campaign In Twenty Seconds, What We’ve Learned

In the final hours before the Iowa caucus Shepard Smith runs down what we’ve learned in recent weeks.

From Newt Gingrich we learned Mitt Romney is a liar, from Mitt Romney we learned Newt Gingrich is angry, from Ron Paul we’ve learned that Rick Santorum is liberal, from Santorum we’ve learned that Paul is disgusting and from Rick Perry we’ve learned that this is both Omaha Beach and Concord as in Lexington and Concord.

What about Michele Bachmann? Maybe Shep was to afraid to mess with Americans Iron Lady who has a titanium spine.

He then turned to Juan Williams and asked the question that is on everyone’s mind: How can 120,000 people determine the direction of the campaign? Juan does a good job explaining the history of how Iowa became the launching pad of the presidential campaign:

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