Ron Paul Hits Huntsman On Twiiter, Has No Idea He Did It

Last night after coming in third in Iowa Ron Paul tweeted the following:

@JonHuntsman we found your one Iowa voter, he’s in Linn precinct 5 you might want to call him and say thanks.

When asked about it in an interview today he seemed to not have a clue what she was talking about. He quickly conceded that he hes help with his tweets.

It’s no secret that all politicians have help tweeting, otherwise how do you explain all those tweets on their account during debates, speeches and interviews. I can also understand why Paul’s people wanted to give Huntsman one, Huntsman has been hitting Paul with attack ads lately.

Still, if something goes out under your name and under your twitter account you bear the responsibility and should at least keep up with what’s going out under your name. Otherwise tell you team to send those tweets through your campaign twitter feed and not your personal one, that at least gives you some plausible deniability.

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  • Anonymous

    At least it wasn’t racist this time.

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  • yishou332

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