Mike Huckabee: Rush Limbaugh Flip-Flopped On Romney

In his monologue tonight Huckabee talked about how every candidate is trying to prove themselves as the most conservative in the field while questioning the authenticity of their opponents. He says that while each of them have their strength and weaknesses, compared to Obama, they are all true blue conservatives.

Huckabee goes on to say that the notion that any of those guys a liberals is nonsense and goes after Rush Limbaugh for flip-flopping on Romney

Four years ago Rush Limbaugh loved Mitt Romney and he supported him as the true conservative. Four years later he is criticizing the same Mitt Romney for not being conservative enough. Mitt Romney really has changed in four years, maybe RUsh Limbaugh is the one doing the flip-flopping.

He concludes by laying out what in his eyes is considered the ideal candidate.

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