Defending Mitt Romney – Did Not Say He Will Cut Waste To Pay For Obamacare

For years I have been fighting the reports that took Governor Palin’s words or statements out of context or simply made things up because doing so helped advance their narrative. While when I did it for Palin I did it as a supporter, I strongly disagree when it’s done to any politician or candidate.

I’m not a supporter of Mitt Romney and there is a lot not to like about him, but even his words should not be taken out of context or simply twisted based on a low quality video just because we don’t like him.

The following video is making its rounds on the internet supposedly suggesting that during a campaign rally  in Panama City, Florida on Sunday, Mitt Romney had a freudian slip where he said that he would cut waste from the military and use it to fund Obamacare.

Here is the clip.



This is the video description:

In a Speech in Panama City, Florida, Mitt Romney goes on about cutting waist int he Military, and then using the funds to pay for Obama care. This is raw footage, there have been no editing tricks or other things added to this video. Please pass this around everywhere you can. Original Video Link.

Though it’s true, the clip is raw footage and has not been edited, the person who uploaded it fails to point out that the video is an amateur video and there was cheering going on while Governor Romney was talking which distorted what he was actually saying.

Below is a clear video of what he said where it is very clear that he says “I am NOT going to take that waste to pay for Obamacare



You can watch the entire speech here, the quote is at around the 14:50 mark

Mitt Romney has yet to explain Romney Care and voters are rightly concerned that should he be elected presidetn repealing Obamacare would not be one of his priorities. Candidates records and statements should be thoroughly vetted, but this should be done with things they actually did or said and not using gaffes that we hope they said but never actually did.


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