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Full Video Coverage: David Cameron’s State Visit To The United States

British Prime Minister David Cameron arrives in the US for a state visit March 13 2012. Arriving at Andrews Air Force Base he received a warm welcome. This video begins from when the plane came in to land and goes all the way until his motorcade leaves the airport.

Later in the day Cameron travelled with Obama to a basketball game in the key swing state of Ohio. The NCAA tournament game was between Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky. Upon landing at the airport they met and greeted with troops:


On Wednesday March 14th an official welcome ceremony was held at the White House (Audio begins at around the 1 minute mark):

Later in the day President Obama and Prime minister Cameron held a joint Press Conference at The White House Rose Garden:

Following the Press Conference, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted a state Luncheon for the Prime Minister:

President Obama exchanges toasts with Prime Minister Cameron during a state dinner on the South Lawn

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