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Hypocrite In Chief Obama: “Clooney, Maher Just Ordinary Americans Chipping In What They Can”

Obama has held over 100 fundraising events including events hosted by George Clooney, Ricky Martin, the LGBT Leadership Council and Futuro Fund. Attendance to some events cost $15,000 a plate. How exactly is that not high-powered special interest groups?

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Firemen Dismantle Car After Accident

This happened just outside my home this evening. Was walking down the street heading home this evening, as I arrived at my block there were blue lights flashing all over the place; Police cars, Ambulances and Fire trucks. There was this accident and the Fire crew dismantled the car to pull out the, apparently, injured driver. By standers who saw the accident […]

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The Audacity Of Obama: I Know More About Judaism Than All Past Presidents

Apparently President Obama knows more about Judaism than all his predecessors. The Weekly Standard reports  President Obama met yesterday with “about 20 Conservative Jewish community leaders, thanking them for the work they do to improve communities around the country and discussed their shared commitment to rebuilding the U.S. economy,” Haaretz reports. In the meeting, Obama reportedly boasted […]

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Fox News First 2012 Campaign Ad: How Is That Hopey Changey Working Out For You

My initial reaction when I saw this live this morning on Fox & Friends was “Good, about time someone in the media calls it like it is, glad Fox has come around to it”. After I thought about it, while I like the video and the concept it did raise a question: Should a news network […]

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GOP Groups Plan $1 Billion Blitz

Just the spending linked to the Koch network is more than the $370 million that John McCain raised for his entire presidential campaign four years ago. And the $1 billion total surpasses the $750 million that Barack Obama, one of the most prolific fundraisers ever, collected for his 2008 campaign.

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How The Left Have Stereotyped Homosexuality.

When a couple get married nothing really changes in their lives. Their physical appearance don’t change, nothing changes from the day before other than they are now united by G-d. Marriage is not material it’s “spiritual”. It’s a Divine blessing.

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