About Me

Hi, I’m Sheya and I’m an… Well, I’m working on it so check back soon and hopefully I’ll have something up about myself.

Let me begin by clarifying that Sheya is a guy. Not a girl.

Okay with that out of the way…

Political correctness has gotten out of control. People no longer say what they think or what they believe, always afraid they might offend someone.  I don’t buy in to all that. If I have an opinion, I voice it, if I have something to say, I say it, when I have something on my mind, I run with it. And if someone gets upset along the way, so be it.

I also use this space to post all the things I find interesting on a variety of topics and the site also serves as an archive for all the articles I post across the many blogs.

When I get around to it, I’ll write up something about myself so you can learn a little more about me. What motivates me, what got me into politics and why I enjoy doing what I do.

In the meantime if you come across something you think I might find interesting, give me a shout and if I like it I’ll post it and credit you for it. you can email me at sheya@sheya.com and you can follow me on my personal twitter account http://www.twitter.com/sheya.

With that said,

Have A Great Day!


PS.  I LOVE Cheetahs