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Trump Confronts Krauthammer – UPDATED

Charles Krauthammer has been quite critical of Donald Trump. The Donald decided that he isn’t taking any of it and decided to call call Krauthammer

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What’s Next For The Donald, Mitt’s Birth Certificate?

If Donald Trump is so interested in birth certificates, he should ask Republican rival Mitt Romney to produce his.

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Trump, Palin, The Media and Obama’s Birth Certificate

Governor Palin isn’t reverting or flip-flopping on anything. In fact this interview ties it all up. It clarifies the governor’s position. While she herself doesn’t have a problem with it and wouldn’t bother making it an issue, she understands why some people have questions and want answers.

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Cavuto: Media Treat Potential GOP Candidates As Jokes Because They Are “Seriously Worried”

I’ll tell you why the media treats them all this way, because it wants to make a collective joke out of all of them along the way. Dismiss them at the gate, so they don’t get much beyond the gate. That tells me that some in the media are seriously worried that these possible candidates aren’t jokes, that they are and the joke’s on them.

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