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Michelle Obama: Barack Announced That I’m Some Angry Black Woman

When I heard it the first time I was like WHAAAAAAAT?

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Michelle Obama Spends $375,000 Of Other People’s Money On Ice Cream, Liberal Media Blames Palin

Throwing around mother-daughter language, as if Sasha and Shelley were going to Spain to spend one-on-one “Mommy and Me” time, was nothing more than a manipulative shield used to suppress well-deserved criticism for a four-day trip rumored to cost $375,000.

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Another Fake Controversy, Governor Palin Did Not Mock Michelle Obama

Once again the media has proven how blatantly biased they are and how they would take a critically acclaimed Q&A session and create a controversy that never existed.

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Governor Palin vs Michelle Obama: Personal Responsibility vs Government Take Over

Both Governor Palin and Michelle Obama believe in the cause of fighting obesity. Governor Palin believes in educating parents and children on how to take care of themselves, but ultimately leave that up to the parents

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